Teen Who Hacked Apple’s Servers Receives ‘1TB of Sensitive Info’

In August, an Australian High School student was found to hack into Apple servers. Initially, it was believed that the downloading involved around 90GB of secure files. Now, the student has been handed his punishment.

According to a report, the student was just 16 years of old when he began hacking into the Apple’s servers. Since he was a juvenile at that time, his name could not be revealed as per Australian law. But now, he is 18+.

At the time of the investigation, around 1 TB of sensitive information was recovered from the Apple system. This is much more than the 90GB suggested by the previous report.

Investigators in the case recovered about 1 Terabyte of sensitive information copied from the tech giant’s systems during attacks, a prosecutor told during an earlier hearing.

The teenager, and a second, younger boy, had “modified and copied a large volume of data that was sensitive both from a privacy and commercial point of view,” and showed a high degree of skill and persistence, the prosecutor said.

Picture Credits: 9to5mac