Telegram Vs WhatsApp

Telegram unleashes a savage tweet trashing WhatsApp, and Internet can’t keep calm.

Twitter wakes up to a new dose of entertaining surprises every day. With the never-ending streak of memes that tickle the funny nerve, there never goes a day without the users clicking the laughing emoji. And the latest dose of the fun comes from the battle of words between telegram and WhatsApp. If you have heard the saying that sarcasm is the best weapon wielded by the wise, here is a chance to see it in action. As the two warring factions heap one another with a chain of memes, netizens cannot hold their laughter, and it’s indeed a good way to spend a Sunday.

It is time to shelf all those mega battles because now we have a brand new one in action. And the best part is it is a war without casualties. And even better, a war where the audience gets better heart health since laughing is good for the heart. Here are snippets from the telegram vs WhatsApp that has been trending on Twitter. All those pent-up emotions are finally touching a catharsis point folks, and you don’t want to miss out on this one. Because it’s not every day you get to see two companies unleashing their savagery in the open.

It all started with telegram taking a very small jibe at WhatsApp. They only said that its time to give WhatsApp an updated position. The only problem was that the updated position was down the bin.

Obviously, WhatsApp was not going to wear the cloak of silence. The war has been declared and now there is no turning back.

If you are someone on the lookout for a good class for savage comebacks, get your pen and paper, and take notes. A better opportunity won’t come anytime soon.

Looks like telegram is actually drunk on a good dose of savagery. Because it did not stop with the comebacks, it even went on to reply to the users who commented on the bin tweet. And there is no toning down on the insults. After all, everything is fair in war and love.

Talk about victory dinner.

Add a cup of victory gloating to the boiling cup of savagery, and perhaps you might get the recipe right for telegram’s level of swag.

Is this telegram giving a high-five to the users or are they really high? And the eerie silence of WhatsApp makes one wonder “What’s up…….?”

Telegram also didn’t forget to say cheers to its users. Now that is something!