Tesla Car saves the life of a newborn kid in freezing winter

Texas has been freezing this winter, and it’s obvious that how necessary heating becomes during this time. And just during this time, there was a power failure in the state for almost about 6 hours, which left many to freeze. There were no ways people could warm up their homes, and during this time, something happened. A Tesla car saved the life of a young baby. Let’s see how!

Tesla car saved a life!

There was a newborn baby in a family, and it’s obvious she could not handle the cold temperatures of Texas. And it was at this point that the Tesla owner realized that his entire family could sleep in the car, and they will be able to stay warm the entire night. He shared his story on Reddit, saying that there was a 6-hour power cut and the Tesla he had was the only way they survived that period. He said, “Our house does not have gas, and we ran out of firewood… what are we going to do. If only we had some sort of sleeping pod with a 75kw battery that can keep us warm through the night. Oh, wait, we do.”

The main reason for spending the night in the car was their baby. In no way could they leave her with just blankets on that freezing night. The individual added, “So my wife, my dog ​​, and my newborn daughter slept in the garage in our Model 3, all nice and cozy. If I didn’t have this car, it would have been a very rough night.” This was great news for the car enthusiasts, Tesla themselves, and the Reddit army.

Reports do suggest that such heating of a car from its internal engine can be dangerous. But ya, something like that did not happen here, so it’s a win-win situation. Such news when technology came to the rescue of humans is very heartwarming. I am glad that the family is okay!

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