Credits: The Economic Times

Tesla continues Model 3 orders at 19% cheaper prices

After Tesla had announced a halt in the further booking of a Model 3 which lasted for 8 long months, the company has recently started taking orders for the same car again. A part of this deal is very important fr fans of the brand who were waiting to book a Model 3. The electric vehicle manufacturer has lowered the price of the car by almost 19%. The car will now be available for $47,240 which is 19% lower than the last time it was available for sale. Another impressive feature of the car is its range. The car could be driven for over 325 miles in a single charge. The booking of the Model 3 was resumed this Tuesday on the official Tesla website and would also be available at most Tesla stores.

Tesla showroom in Beijing

Credits: Reuters

Why electric cars?

In recent years, people have been shifting from traditional cars to electric ones. There are numerous factors which have supported this shift and encouraged people to do so. Some of these factors include:

  1. Electric cars are better suited for our environment. These cars do not make use of traditional fuels and as a result do not cause the emission of harmful gases. As people become more aware of the possible effects of pollution and global warming, they have began shifting to electric cars.
  2. Another factor that appeals to people buying electric cars is that the car runs solely on green energy and does not require any traditional fuels. This makes it a good choice for people who want to save money on expensive fuel refills.
  3. In recent years, there are a number of companies which have started providing electric cars. These cars are now available in the market at cheaper rates than before and have therefore seen a massive rise in popularity.
  4. Electric cars also arguably offer better performance in some matters as compared to non-electric cars. They are more responsive and quieter than other cars.

Why the booking was closed?

When a number of people were so enthusiastic to buy the Tesla Model 3, the company’s decision to stop taking orders for the same might sound strange. Numerous people might believe that the only time this could happen is in a circumstance where particular features of the car were found to be faulty or the car was not selling at all. However, in this particular case, it was neither of these reasons. The Tesla Model 3 was a dream car for several people. The car was in so much demand that the company was not able to meet the requirements with its existing supply. This led to a massive waitlist on the bookings of this car. Therefore, Tesla decided to momentarily stop taking any orders to first meet the existing demands and amp up their productions. They had assured that they will start taking orders for the Model 3 soon but the time only came 8 months later.


Although Tesla’s decision to start taking orders again would be widely welcomed by most people in the country, the people who had bought the same car at a significantly higher price would not be happy with the decision. The move also says a lot about the companies vision. With the growing popularity of electric vehicles, the company could have increased the prices and still sold their cars but by reducing the prices, they have addressed a significant economic barrier that did not let some people buy a Tesla. The cost reduction in one of their prime electric vehicles is set to make electric vehicles more accessible to people with slightly less income.

According to a Reuters report, Elon had said that he was ready to sacrifice his profit margins during the current economic problems but the prices would be raised again once conditions are better to match deliveries with output.