Tesla Cybertruck impressive 4-wheel steering at work

Tesla Cybertruck showcasing its features as the truck undergoes rigorous testing

In recent times Tesla Cybertruck was seen carrying tires, and it was showing that the vehicle was undergoing some tough testing. There were marks on the vehicle, which indicated that the vehicle is being tested. Now, there is another video that leaked showing the vehicle’s best feature yet.

Tesla Cybertruck impressive 4-wheel steering at work
Image credits- Electric Tonde

Rear-wheel steering is quickly becoming a must-have feature for electric pickup trucks coming to market. Rear-wheel steering, or four-wheel steering, is the ability to steer the rear axle, generally to a smaller degree than the front wheel, and to create a tighter and more precise turning radius. GMC started the dance by demonstrating the “crab mode,” utilizing rear-wheel steering on the Hummer EV. Several other automakers have since announced rear-wheel-steering, and back in 2021, Tesla followed by announcing that the Cybertruck will have the capacity.

Last summer, Elon Musk stated, “We’re adding rear-wheel steering, so it can do tight turns and maneuver with high agility.Last year, we saw a quick video of the Cybertruck showcasing the feature for a second, but now we have a much better look, thanks to Twitter user TokyoTesla. They posted a much longer video of the Cybertruck that more clearly featured the four-wheel steering capability.  we can see the rear wheels actively turning, which confirms the rear-wheel steering on the electric pickup truck.

Cybertruck build

Musk commented, “Very hard car to build, as it is unlike any other, but, as stated publicly, Cybertruck production starts this year.” Tesla recently said that it aims to bring the Cybertruck to production this summer, but we shouldn’t expect significant deliveries until 2024 when the automaker will ramp up to volume production.

The automaker also confirmed having built a new fleet of Cybertruck Beta prototypes. One was spotted in Palo Alto earlier this week. It’s not clear if this new video is of a beta prototype as it appears to look closer to the alpha prototypes with the large side mirror and lack of tonneau cover. The video also appears to have been filmed at Gigafactory Texas – possibly during the last event where the Cybertruck was featured. Nonetheless, it’s the best look at the Cybertruck’s rear-wheel steering we have seen yet. It will be interesting to see if Tesla tries to implement new features with the capacity – like Rivian’s “tank turn” or GMC’s “crab walk.” More details are expected to be revealed soon as the truck goes to further testing and production begins.