Tesla to Launch Strikes Reset for FSD Beta

Tesla FSD Beta testers will soon receive strike test

Tesla’s five strikes system is made such that it ensures the FSD Beta testers are paying attention to the road as they test. When the system detects that the driver isn’t paying attention, it gives them a strike. Drivers can get a strike for being distracted, not looking at the road, looking too long at the display, or looking at their phone while the car is driving. Elon Musk said on Twitter that the reset option will soon be available.

Tesla to Launch Strikes Reset for FSD Beta
Image credits- Tesmanian

Previously, Tesla had a three strikes system but that changed when version 10.8.1 came out. Not only did Tesla increase the strikes to five but it reset all the beta testers’ strikes to zero, according to Not A Tesla App. 

Tesla’s focus on safety has been criticized by the company’s critics especially those who think that it’s too strict. Although oddly, some of these critics falsely claim that Tesla isn’t safe.  Its Safety Score is something that potential FSD Beta testers have to pass if they want access to the software. In order to pass, they have to drive carefully and safely.

Last October, Tesla emailed a few of its FSD Beta testers who were using the software improperly. In one email, Tesla told the beta tester that this would be their only warning to keep their hands on the wheel and to remain attentive at all times while using the software.

Strike system

Everyone expected Tesla to reset strikes with each iteration of the beta, but so far that hasn’t been the case. This has been frustrating for several testers, especially when Tesla’s system is far from perfect. With the release of FSD Beta 10.8.1, Tesla is now resetting all testers’ strikes to zero, regardless of how many they had or when they were received.

With beta 10.8.1, Tesla is also increasing the amount of strikes to five, before FSD becomes disabled. It’s unclear whether there are any improvements to how Tesla hands out strikes or detects improper use of FSD, but increasing the limit to five will surely help a lot of testers. Tesla could consider clearing a strike after it reaches a certain age. For example, strikes could drop off after 30 days, so as long as you don’t receive five strikes within a 30-day period, you’d be able to continue using FSD. This beta was released with version 2021.44.30.5 and is based on 2021.44.30, which contains Tesla’s Holiday Update and fixes for vehicles with a heat pump.