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Tesla Stocks Plummet After Dubious Tweet By Elon Musk

Tesla stocks crashed by over 13% after founder Elon Musk tweeted that he believed the share price was too high. 

Although not known to be your average CEO, Musk’s eccentricities in this instance could end up costing him millions. Though Tesla stocks are still up about 65% for the year, the surprising post rings alarm bells reminding one of Musk’s previous tweets, claiming he would be taking the company private at $420 which ended up losing him and the company around $40 Million. 

The SpaceX founder followed up with a barrage of tweets claiming he will soon be selling “almost all” possessions. 

Musk has previously been extremely vocal about the spread of the coronavirus. He previously supplied a large of ventilators to healthcare services, however had bashed the mandatory stay-in-place orders as “forcibly imprisoning people in their homes”

The company had very recently reported a strong quarter and was trading at $760.23, which dropped to $717.64 after the post. Neither Tesla, nor Musk has commented publicly on the intention or reason behind the tweet.



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