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Tesla Expands In Europe With Launch In Poland

Tesla is supercharged with marking their territory in Europe with 6,000 installations. Poland’s Tesla store is first in Poland, which has everything from selling, trial, and delivering the vehicle.

Tesla First Urban-Style Experience Center In Poland As Worldwide Expan

Credits- Tesmanian

The branch is going to have premium service as any other Tesla location. Tesla is getting started high with Europe. In late 2020, the Poland location, already set Tesla flowing flags. When the store was opened in July 2020, the order came up pretty fast than the company predicted.

According to their Twitter share, “Tesla opened its first brick-and-mortar store with a showroom in Poland. The store is located in Ząbkach near Warsaw, at 334 Radzyminska Street. Previously, this was the location of the Opel dealership. The Tesla store will provide a full range of standard services. Here customers can inspect and familiarize themselves with the car, place an order, go for a test drive, or receive delivery of their car.”

Tesla’s supercharger all over Europe

Especially with their superchargers installation, the convenience has added a preference in customer’s choice for their popularity. Interestingly, Tesla has their charging installations even in remote areas, so their customers can enjoy long drives.

Technically, the superchargers have not covered all areas in Europe. However, there are other charging stations around, which already created the needed initial vibe for a customer to choose EV.

Sales in Europe

The February sales of Tesla Model 3 in Europe were in the first place. A total of 115,800 EVs from all brands were registered in Europe just last month. Tesla was followed by Volkswagen ID.3 and Renault ZOE. Other brands included Mercedes, Volvo, Hyundai, and BMW.

Coming to separate sales of these companies, Germany’s EV sales have doubled last month. Volkswagen, BMW, Mercedes, and Renault are few top brands that are popular in Germany for EV.

In Norway, there was an increase of 20% sales in EV last month. The most popular brands in Norway are Audi, Polestar, Nissan LEAF, and Tesla.

Though EVs are popular over Europe, they are mostly Hybrid and not fully electric. There is still a need for a lot of infrastructure development, like chargers, parking, etc.

Potential Europe has, is lately recognized by the Chinese market too. With Chinese brands launching their vehicles in Europe, they could become a global company. That kind of opportunity should be grabbed before the EV market already raises to its peaks.

Last year, around, 23,836 units were purchased from Chinese carmakers. The possibility of having a hit with a fully electric vehicle is huge. Due to pandemics, the EV sector wasn’t much developed in many countries. However, the sales in Europe have been impressive and attracted many brands to get into the competition.




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