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Now The App Will Help Parents In Detecting And Diagnosing Signs Of Autism


15 February, 2016, USA: Technology in medical and healthcare sector is revolutionising rapidly and recent example is the new app called ‘ASDetect’. This unique app enables parent to detect signs of autism in their babies who are as young as 12 months.

Autism expert and psychologist Dr Josephine Barbaro said early diagnosis gave children the best chance of successful outcomes. Sharing her views on the newly developed app, she commented, “I think it’ll revolutionise the way we identify autism, because currently not many people have access to specialists in early detection and diagnosis of autism.So what we’re doing is taking cutting-edge research and putting it in this app so anyone can access it from the comfort of their own home.”

The app works on simple diagram. It takes the parents through a simple test series which comprise of simple questions. The feedback is then analysed by the app which helps the parents to identify whether their children may have Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASM).

Parents are asked a series of questions around the potential warning signs of ASD, including children repeatedly avoiding eye contact or not responding to their name when called, reports abc.net. Once the test is over, parents are informed through a message on the app about whether their kid has ASD or not.




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