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The importance of corporate videos for events

The audiovisual is the most important marketing tool of the 21st century, so it is essential to take into account, as it happens with others, to know the importance of corporate videos for events. 

Why is it important to make corporate videos for events? 

Active attitude: When a certain company chooses to make a corporate video and hires a company to do it, there are two options available: hire actors or take on the company’s own staff. Well, the second option is a much better idea since the content becomes more personal and, in addition, transmits a greater closeness. 

Differentiation: Currently, competition between companies is increasing in practically all sectors of society. A company audiovisual for events is a great option to establish a difference with respect to the competition, as long as it is of quality. 

Motivation: Internally, a corporate video is of great help to motivate the team if they are an active part of the project, their connection and affinity with the company they work for will also be greater. Without a doubt, motivation is an essential issue in productivity and a good work environment. 

What types of corporate videos are there? 

Currently there are two types of corporate videos that are trending at events and other acts. 

Client testimonials 

Customer testimonials have become a key issue for small and medium-sized businesses. Do not forget that for a potential consumer the real and honest opinion of a customer is much more credible than that of the business owner. 

Making the most of the advantages that social networks provide, today more and more SMEs are betting on a marketing strategy related to video that works very well. Take as an example a small company that sells handmade women’s bracelets. Well, after a market study, bet on sending these bracelets to several instagramers and youtubers as a collaboration with the brand.

Once they receive the product, these women will make a video on Instagram Stories, on their Instagram profile or on their YouTube channel, telling their impressions of it. Millennials especially give a lot of credibility to this type of audiovisual. Thus, it is not unusual for a certain product that has appeared in the Stories of an it-girl to be finished in a matter of minutes in the store.

Generation of emotions and sensations 

Today’s marketing is not based on seeking the mere transaction with the customer. SMEs seek to establish a bond of trust in the medium and long term. And for this they make an increasing use of videos that are capable of generating positive emotions and sensations in their consumers, both current and potential. Through these, small and medium-sized companies manage to create a link that, in one way or another, binds customers to their brand. The importance of corporate videos for events is considerable. Today there are few online strategies that are conceived without making use of this resource, so do not stay behind and start using it. 




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