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The neighborhood feature will soon get shut down by facebook

Facebook is one of the most popular apps around the globe. Probably, the first interaction to social media and mainly interactions through the internet was widely accepted by the public through facebook. The popular app has been in existence for about 2 decades now and has launched a plethora of new features since the very beginning. These updates become popular with time and people have slowly become used to it. One such new feature of facebook, the neighborhood gets shut down even before its arrival.


Neighborhood Feature


The popular app, facebook, was about to launch a neighborhood feature in the coming months. This feature would help individuals to interact with their fellow neighbors and would communicate with them. The local people will connect with each other and find local places and meet ups. This feature was launched in Canada and the USA, but now this new feature is going to be shut down on 1st October. The basic aim of this new feature was to bring people together and especially local communities together. The company made the neighborhood feature an opt in feature. This means that the people can decide whether they want to enroll and sign in the neighborhood or not. So, this was people’s own choice to enter the neighborhood or not. 


Shutting Down the Feature


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The neighborhood feature would ask individuals to have a separate bio, places of interest, activities of interest and hobbies so that other people could relate and communities could be built. The guidelines clearly showed how this feature would create more inclusive groups within facebook. This will be a more interaction friendly and inclusive feature of facebook.


Now, sadly the company has taken this step to put down the new feature. The new feature was just like a clone to the original app facebook. The basic difference is that the neighborhood feature is more inclusive but facebook is more on the exclusive side. Another difference is that facebook gives you a platform to interact with any kind of individual but the neighborhood’s policy is to bring locally living people together.



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