Perhaps the biggest reveal of the year has happened recently. One of the world’s leading financial services providers, Credit Suisse, information has been leaked in the market. The leaked information has shook the world as it got the information of many big faces. For instance, data of human traffickers, drugs dealers, money laundering, corruption, and other serious crimes.
Not just that, according to the New York Times, the leaked data covered more than 18,000 accounts collectively holding more than $100 billion. That’s HUGE.

Twitter is filled with mixed emotions. For some, this is very surprising as the bank has one of the best security records. Others are agitated as the data can break many foundations of the world. Twitter is getting filled with knowledge. Various tweets in the light of evidence have also been able to prove what has happened in these banks.

Reham khan , making a comical statement “ first pay them , then expose them “ very ironic to the current statement of judiciary.

Hassan Javid tweets considering the same excitement of the government to their political opponents.

William Donelson tweets against the breach regarding that ethics and morals don’t matter when it comes to privacy and secrecy

Peter fickling towards the rights of the conservative believers.

The news hawks, make a tweet regarding the support of billy Rautenbach helping president Robert Mugabe.

Billy misanthrope, putting a religious figure in the midst of criminals to be amongst them.

The Swiss banks have a history in revelation to related keeping money from different countries of different criminals from across the globe. This was a problem for Swiss banks which had a reputation for the secrecy of wealthy individuals from the web traditionally used to be one of those places where the banks can put trust in you with information very secret information may just incredibly successful back in 1934. the Swiss government passed banking secrecy and made it in a sentence for Swiss banks to reveal information so the seeds of massive growth in the Swiss banking system in history. 

The leak of the data could affect world diplomacy and since the political atmosphere is already is not at its best, this can lead to something serious.