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TikTok tends to counter misinformation about eating disorders


Internet is a warehouse for fake news and misinformation. TikTok is not exempted from this either but the platform is actively trying to counter these issues by helping people affected by eating disorders. It was announced today that the platform is partnering with NEDA (National Eating Disorder Association) to organize an eating disorder awareness week. It is also implementing new features that solely focus on providing support and resources to those who are affected by eating disorders.

How are these features going to work?

Working your way through the two new features is a cakewalk. In the event that a client scans TikTok for terms like “proana” or “dietary issue,” the application will now show uphold resources, alongside NEDA’s telephone number. As of now, looking through the terms just shows the help number, however, the new interface will likewise give clients advice on the most proficient method to manage a dietary issue.

The organization additionally plans on putting a PSA on hashtag pages that might actually contain triggering substances and contents, similar to the page for #WhatIEatInADay. The PSA will incorporate a working link to NEDA’s helpline, and a number that clients can message on for emergency support.

How social media does help in promoting eating disorders?

Social media usually portrays a body image that is so excruciatingly “perfect” that it almost looks out of this world. The problem gravitates when people, with perfectly normal bodies, think that this “perfection” is the ultimate truth. The biggest instigators of such images are social media platforms with photo-shopped images and videos of artists that give out a piece of very misleading information.

People, especially teenagers, often tend to starve themselves and develop eating disorders to achieve the falsified image. At this point, it is the responsibility of the social media platforms to do the bare minimum. TikTok has attempted to manage dietary issue content before, however clients report that it actually appears. While the present declaration doesn’t address directing substance, ideally it can help make it simpler for individuals who need assistance to get it.




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