"Another realistic day in the life at Google Seattle

TikTok video captures “Another realistic day in the life at Google Seattle”: It amazing!

Recently, an employee of Google shared her life working at the company in Seattle. Even though the girl shared what she calls “another realistic day in the life” at Google Seattle, it was nothing less than a dream for many of us.

Her days start at 6 am in the gym. That’s a good way to keep your health in check. After working out for an hour, she freshens up and gets dressed for work at 7 am in the locker room. Yes, the locker room was also quite clean and above average.

Now, it’s 8 am and time for some good breakfast. There are small menu leaflets, and she has to select what she wants to get by ticking some boxes and dropping them at the counter.

After some breakfast and coffee, it’s time to work from 8:20 am. There is always some time for snacks, and Julie prefers to keep her first snack time at 10 am.

And then work continues as usual till 11:30 am, which is lunchtime. I would say that is a little too early, but seeing what is the menu even, I would have had lunch this early. There are loads of options like pizzas, salads, rice, sandwich and many other things.

After having her lunch, she takes a coffee at 12 pm and sits down to work again. This time there aren’t many breaks in between, and she finishes off her day around 4-4:30 pm.

There are so many games to play in the office where she generally spends her time, and this particular day she also had a massage appointment. After all, is done, she leaves for her home at 5:30 pm.

Check out her day at google here:


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The comment section in this video was also amazing. Almost everyone was sharing the best part of their day or what went well at their work.

A viewer wrote, “teacher here, we get to wear jeans on Fridays.” While another user wrote, “I work at A major hospital downtown, and sometimes we get cookies in the break.”

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