“TimelinesAI – Multi-number Shared Inbox for WhatsApp” – The Team-Based Solution to Manage your Business on WhatsApp

 Connect all Your CRM Tools With TimelinesAI WhatsApp Widget

TimelinesAI was designed to connect seamlessly with any next-generation CRM platform, such as Pipedrive, Hubspot, and Salesforce so all the data you collect via the free WhatsApp live chat widget is automatically collected and stored in the same, easily-accessible database. If all your representatives and agents have TimelinesAI installed on their smartphones and other devices, every contact they obtain is uploaded to the same database so all your leads can be accessed by the entire company. 

The Best Way to Get Support for WhatsApp 

Businesses benefit from integrating into their marketing and other business processes with support for WhatsApp. Meta’s data shows that businesses that communicate with their customers via the messaging service increase their retention rates by 20 or 30%. They also drive up sales by anywhere between 10 and 45% and attract new customers. But only if they use it effectively. For example, TimelinesAI saves all your chats so agents can see every interaction and keep up-to-date on customer histories.  

An Easy-to-Install WhatsApp Widget on All Your Devices 

The TimelinesAI WhatsApp Shared Inbox is a multi-purpose tool that enables better communication between your company’s teams and your entire client base. Not only is the tool useful to speak directly with existing clients, but you can also use the widget to bring in new clientele. The widget prompts visitors to your website to enter their phone number, so they can then speak directly to someone at your company and not a chatbot. Once a visitor to your website has entered their phone number, this information is uploaded to your central lead database so everyone on your team has access to it.