Crypto dude tips $3000 to a waiter
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Tips for Jesus encourages crypto dude to tip a server with $3000

Cryptocurrency tipped to dominate the world.

Cryptocurrency dominates the world
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The cryptocurrency market saw its worst nightmare become reality, when a market crash occurred in May, wiping out millions of dollars from market. The market crash was prolonged due to Terra’s crash and has had an imperious impact on the investors to sell off their holdings in the crypto market. Bitcoin also saw a drop of around 70% in the market, the lowest since 2020.

Even when the market conditions for cryptocurrency was tough, the investors did get benefit and help from some of the holdings they had. It is also understood that the investors have gotten used to the volatility of the market and are not much perturbed about the market situation.

Many people and companies in the crypto market have actually earned so much that, they have been noticed doing noble activities such as donations. Many countries went on to donate their proceedings to Ukraine to aid them for the war with Russia. Similarly, recently a crypto dude went on to tip a waitress a lumpsum of around $3000 as tip.

Crypto dude tips waiter $3000.

According to a recent incident, a diner who had invested in cryptocurrencies left a massive $3,000 tip on a $13 bill for the waiter at a restaurant in Pennsylvania. At Alfredo’s Cafe in Scranton, out-of-town customer Eric Smith recently paid for a stromboli and a tip surprising waitress Mariana Lambert with a large amount, according to CNN on Sunday.

Matt Martini, the restaurant’s manager, said in a statement: “When the time came to pay his check, Lambert came into my office with tears in her eyes and sobbing, reporting a customer was leaving her a $3,000 tip on his $13.25 bill.”

Lamber went on to comment that the gesture was really touching and I m grateful for the actions of the kind man. She added that, when she saw the cheque, she couldn’t believe her eyes and had asked her colleagues to check. Even the colleagues were shocked to see such a big amount as tip. They went on to reconfirm about the amount more than a couple of times.

Tips for Jesus!

The tipper went on to write a note in his statement “Tips for Jesus.” Apparently, the tipper was referring to the Instagram Account “TipsforJesus.” Apparently, the account shows a lot of such incidents where the tipper leaves a large amount of tip for the servers across the country.

The staff of the restaurant believed that, he was one from the organization, who went on to give tips to servers in the country.