Tips to Help You Identify Fake CBD Oil 

All types of cannabidiol products have experienced a surge in demand in the last few years. Out of all these categories, CBD oil happens to be extremely sought after. Even though there are options galore, finding genuine CBD oil is more difficult than we think.

While there is no doubt that CBD oil, which is manufactured in many forms like CBD edibles and topicals, is an excellent product, this rapidly growing industry still remains unregulated. Naturally, consumers run the risk of being ripped off by unscrupulous scam-artists. Unfortunately, it is not easy for a consumer to identify the trustworthiness of a brand.

Effects of Fake CBD Oil:

CBD or cannabidiol is an extract obtained from the cannabis plant. However, fake CBD oil is often synthetically manufactured in laboratories. It has observed that these products contain several harmful substances including heavy metals. It may be recalled that several persons in Utah fell sick after consuming CBD oil between October 2017 and January 2018. The matter was investigated later by the CDC (Centre for Disease Control and Prevention), and it was revealed that the CBD oil consumed by the affected people was fake. Though different types of complications were reported by the consumers, specific common concerns were raised by almost every person. According to the Utah Poison Control Centre, these adverse reactions included confusion, paranoia, hallucination, psychosis, seizures, agitation, chest pain, high blood pressure, breathlessness, and nausea and vomiting.

Fake CBD Oil Contents:

Fake CBD oil is manufactured using many different types of harmful and dangerous chemicals that are known to cause serious illness and even death. It has been found that most of the fake CBD oils contain heavy metals and environmental toxins such as Xenoestrogens. These products also contain synthetic cannabinoids such as Spice, also known in the market as Scooby Snax, Mr. Happy, Kronic, or K2. With these materials, many other harmful elements are amalgamated to produce fake CBD oil.

Why is Counterfeit CBD Oil Dangerous?

While purchasing CBD oil, consumers around the world look for products that are pure, safe, and sustainable. However, by purchasing fake products, they often end up getting exposed to several dangerous substances.

  • Additives: We often hear about individuals falling sick because of vaping-related activities. It is perfectly alright to vape on CBD oils that are distilled, winterized, or isolated. However, the presence of unnecessary additives in cannabis vape juice may lead to several health issues. One of the most dangerous CBD vape juice additives is Vitamin E acetate. Other harmful substances such as propylene glycol (PG), artificial ingredients, sweeteners, and artificial colorings are also found in orally ingested CBD products.
  • Heavy Metals: Hemp is scientifically proven to be a great bio-accumulator. While this property allows the plants to quickly grow up big and strong, it also absorbs soil-borne toxins at a very fast pace. This contamination concern can be avoided by growing hemp in an indoor environment that is climate controlled. However, unscrupulous growers often avoid this additional expense and open up the consumers to heavy metal poisoning.
  • Other Toxins: Xenoestrogens are extremely harmful industrial substances capable of exerting several unknown negative effects on human genetics and endocrinology.

Spotting Fake CBD Oil:

Mentioned below are a few simple steps to safeguard you from the hazards of purchasing and using fake CBD oil.

  • Phrases such as Hemp-derived, Full spectrum, Pure cannabidiol, and Certified CBD must be mentioned in the label. Check the label thoroughly to ensure that the constituent concentrations are also mentioned.
  • If your CBD oil is TSA approved, it means that the product is naturally derived and safe.
  • Only purchase products that have gone through a third-party verification process.
  • Try to find out the extraction process and opt for products that are manufactured by Alcohol extraction and CO2 extraction. Avoid CBD oil products that don’t mention any extraction method.

Finally, if you are really serious about using high-quality CBD oil, the best option is to make your own product at home. You can contact i49 for any assistance you need in this regard. A renowned cannabis seed bank, i49 has details relating to the most authentic seeds for home growing.