Sam Bankman

To find Sam Bankman-Fried, Crypto Influencers Travel to the Bahamas

Crypto influencers are flocking to the Bahamas weeks after the collapse of FTX in quest of answers from Sam Bankman-Fried, the exchange’s former CEO.

Ben Armstrong, the proprietor of the well-liked Bitboy Crypto YouTube channel, is one of them. On Saturday, Armstrong flew to the Bahamas to find Bankman-Fried in his opulent penthouse.

According to reports, the humiliated FTX CEO has seldom left his $40 million home since the collapse of FTX.

Users have lost billions of dollars as a result of FTX’s collapse, which has been marred by accusations of fraud and poor management. Crypto influencers like Armstrong started looking for solutions as a result.

Armstrong reportedly searched the premises and discovered Bankman-automobile, Fried’s possibly bringing attention to Bankman-alleged Fried’s drug use.

Ben Armstrong wrote in a tweet,” According to Twitter, this is Sam’s Corolla. Complete with pills in the front seat. Maybe someone can identify what they are. And an MSI laptop in the back. @sbf_ftx look at your window, bud. I just want to talk. Come tell your story.”

Ben posted another tweet where he wrote, “I don’t think he is answering me. Sam, we tried, man. I guess my only direction forward is going back to bullying you. Unless…”

Following that, Armstrong was led off the property. He asserted that he would not give in until he had heard back from Sam Bankman-Fried directly.

Another post from Armstrong read, “Throwback to when the security guard escorted us out. Brian was pretty cool, tbh. Sam, Barb, and Joe are the ones who made him do it. Sam, I’ll come back if you put me on the guest list.”

There has been a lot of discussion about the Sam Bankman-Fried “manhunt” on social media. Influencers on crypto Twitter, especially those in the Bahamas, are enjoying the situation.

According to several social media users, the FTX collapse is receiving more attention from crypto influencers than from banking regulators. “Bitboy Crypto is doing a better job than Gary Gensler. The SEC should be ashamed,” one Twitter user wrote. However, the influencers have received praise from others for drawing attention to the FTX crash. Guy Turner, the creator of the well-known Coin Bureau YouTube channel, suggested that crypto influencers might have been responsible for the Bahamian Attorney General disclosing certain information regarding their FTX probe.

“The Bahamian authorities decided to address the FTX situation only when they realized half of CT (crypto Twitter) was heading to the island. Now that’s a job well done, lads,” Turner wrote.