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ToolRocket PDF Converter: Best Word to PDF converter for Windows and iPhone

Pdf documents are the best when it comes to sharing documents with someone. This is because these documents can’t be altered and stay the way they are supposed to be. So, it is extremely useful in cases when any alteration to a file can cause major issues. For example, Invoices, docs with signatures, contracts, and more. 

Additionally, another benefit that they bring is pdf’s maintain their format. Unlike word files that might get altered on different systems, pdf doesn’t. It stays the same on every PC and laptop. So, the document format that provides so many benefits should be easy to make right! Well, it is, using the ToolRocket PDF Converter that we ourselves use for our daily tasks.

Some other benefits of using PDF formats

I have already talked about the two main benefits of pdf at the beginning of the article. But that’s not all. The document format has much more to offer. Let’s take a look at them:

1) Mobile Friendly

If you work a lot on your smartphone and frequently read and signs pdf documents on them, you must know about this. Unlike word documents, pdfs are extremely mobile-friendly and are easy to access on smartphones. They don’t get all glitchy like word docs and some other formats.

2) Is secure

Some documents require security from copying, alteration, and sometimes even password. And the pdf format allows users to do that. One can easily add passwords, usage restrictions, and use the plethora of options to customize their pdf. For example: If someone doesn’t want the text to be compiled from their pdf than they can enable the option.

3) No compatibility issues

Unlike other word formats that have changed drastically over the years, pdf has stayed the same. Though this might sound like a bummer to many, it isn’t. This is because there are no compatibility issues with the format, and practically every smartphone and PC support it the same way. It is unlike the doc file formats that don’t run on some machines while works in some.

How to convert pdf to other formats and vice-versa?

The pdf file format is so useful that it is important to have a reliable app on one’s devices that is able to convert any file format to it. And not only that, the app should also be able to convert the pdf to any other file format so that necessary changes can be made if required. And the ToolRocket PDF Converter for iOS and Windows is the best for that purpose.

The benefits and features provided by the app are endless and it works for anyone needing to do anything. Giving you guys a brief idea, the iOS and Windows version of the app is capable of converting PDFs to images, word, excel, PowerPoint, TXT, and HTML. And at the same time, all these formats can also be converted back to it.

Other than the conversion feature, the app can also be used to extract pictures, merge and split pdf, encrypt and decrypt pdf, and a lot more. Basically, the app makes full use of the file format and provides users the option to do anything that can be done. The app also supports text to speech recognition, OCR text recognition, and image conversion.

Is ToolRocket PDF Converter free to use?

Yes, the app is entirely free to use for Windows and iOS. However, some unique features are only available for premium subscribers. This will include an ad-free experience and some features that will further elevate the user experience of the already excellent converter app. The costs of the plans on iOS devices are:

  • Monthly Subscription: $9.99
  • Annual Subscription: $49.99

No matter what, now you can always have the right document formats that you need for a purpose. Just use the app to easily convert from pdf to other formats and vice versa and take full advantage of the different file forms intended for various purposes.

If you are already using this excellent app, let us know about your user experience in the comments below. Also, if you know a friend who needs to know about ToolRocket PDF Converter, share this article with them.



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