Top 5 NFT marketplace to buy and sell NFTs

The NFT Marketplace is a digital platform that allows all actors to create NFTs and trade in those non-fungible tokens. NFT Marketplace is very similar to e-commerce sites where you can buy anything with your digital wallet/e-wallet. You have several options to choose from whether you want to create and buy/sell an NFT at a specific price after determining the potential value of that non-fungible token.

NFT Marketplace websites or NFT marketplaces are used to mint NFTs and sell NFTs. NFTs are digital collectibles that are one-of-a-kind, and you can’t exchange them for another token like you can with other cryptos. If you are new to NFTs and want to learn more about NFTs, here is a detailed article to learn everything about NFTs.


An important thing to consider before choosing an ideal NFT marketplace is to have a digital wallet associated with that particular NFT marketplace and cryptocurrency. This will help in simplifying the overall transaction process.

1. NFT launchPad

It is a relatively new NFT marketplace designed for creators, by creators. The platform makes it easy to mint your own NFTs using formats like MP4, so it’s drawn a lot of designers that are wading into NFTs for the first time. That makes NFT LaunchPad one of our favorite platforms for discovering new collections.

At the same time, NFT LaunchPad has grabbed several big-name projects. You can find collections like Great Ape Society, Space Apes, Lazy Goats Club, and Punk Dogs on NFT LaunchPad. In addition, NFT LaunchPad is the exclusive home of Lucky Block’s Platinum Rollers Club NFT collection. This is one of the best NFT projects of 2022 and it’s only available on NFT LaunchPad.

Coachella has unveiled NFT collections
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NFT LaunchPad has made it as easy as possible to buy and sell NFTs on the platform. It integrates with Binance Smart Chain and Polygon, and all NFTs are denominated in wrapped BNB. The platform is compatible with MetaMask wallets and support for Trust Wallet is coming soon.

2. is another fast-growing NFT marketplace with a lot to offer for both collectors and creators alike. What really makes this platform stand out is that it offers some of the lowest fees around for buying and selling NFTs. In fact, you won’t pay any transaction fee when you purchase an NFT on Sellers and creators pay a fee of 1.99%, which is very competitive.

Credits: The Economic Times started out with only NFTs minted on its own blockchain, but it recently launched an integration with the Ethereum blockchain. So, you can now find thousands of NFs on’s marketplace. The platform curates its collections into recommended galleries, making it easy to find the biggest upcoming drops and the digital art that’s most likely to appeal to you.

Another thing that’s nice about is that it lets sellers run auctions while also offering a buy now price. So, if you see an NFT you love, you can buy it immediately instead of running the risk of losing out to another bid.

3. Opensea

It was founded in 2017 by Devin Finzer and Alex Atallah. OpenSea claims of being the world’s largest NFT marketplace. OpenSea describes itself as “the first and largest marketplace for user-owned digital products,”. According to its website they have 113,000 users, 15.5 million NFTs, and a $354 million in trade volume. It offers non-fungible tokens(NFTs), such as art, censorship-resistant domain names, virtual worlds, trade cards and collectibles. Exclusive digital assets such as Axies, ENS names, CryptoKitties, Decentraland, and more are available to purchase, sell, and discover.

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4. NFT Gateway

When Beeple sold CROSSROAD for a then-record $6.6 million at Nifty Gateway, it was a historic auction. This platform now has the highest sales volume and is home to many of the celebrity drops that you hear about on Twitter. Nifty makes use of “open editions,” which are limited-edition books created for a limited time and sold at a fixed price. There will be no additional NFTs issued when the window closes. It allows collectors to buy NFTs with a credit card, which is extremely useful for onboarding new users who have never used cryptocurrency.

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5. Rarible

Rarible purchases and sells NFTs in a variety of areas. It includes art, music, domains, memes, photography, gaming and others. Rarible is an NFT marketplace that is community-owned, with “owners” holding the ERC-20 RARI token. Rarible will soon be regulated by Ethereum blockchain regulations, which allow for public, permissionless use. The most active buyers and sellers can vote for platform updates and participate in moderation decisions using the RARI governance token. The site provides a special focus on art assets. The designer can even present a preview look of their product to everyone who visits Rarible, but only the purchaser will get access to the whole project.