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Top businesses that accept crypto payment methods

For entrepreneurs that are fascinated by the ever growing industry of cryptocurrencies, it can become a headache to spend. While crypto platforms offer a number of advantages in going crypto, large-scale companies are just now beginning to enter the crypto payment method game. Better late than never!

For those of you out there that are just warming up to cryptocurrencies and payments, you can not only pay for certain items in Bitcoin using a digital wallet, but also accept crypto payment yourself from other users (not only convert usual currencies to crypto).

Some of the top businesses that accept crypto as a payment method:

Shopify is a well-known software service that provides companies the ability to create an e-commerce site to sell, ship and manage their products/services. As more and more businesses want to create online shopping possibilities for clients, Shopify has become a valuable resource for easy implementation and maintenance. Although you can not pay Shopify in crypto, you can pay Shopify stores in over 300 cryptocurrencies. A strange decision on their behalf, but maybe we will see Shopify itself accepting crypto in the future. 

Microsoft hardly needs an introduction. This technology company provides private users and businesses with various software, support, licenses and so on. It also accepts crypto as a payment method, which is huge for the crypto community. With crypto you can buy Microsoft apps, software and games (Xbox).

Overstock is an American retailer, primarily selling furniture and home goods. However, it also sells products such as jewelry, apparel and even pet supplies. The interesting thing about Overstock, is that it originally sold returned merchandise and failed company goods at a below-wholesale cost. Overstock accepts payment in Bitcoin. 

Gyft is a platform that we all needed and wanted. A place where you can get pretty much any gift card you need, and pay for it in Bitcoin. Unfortunately, they do not accept other cryptocurrencies, for that you can use alternative crypto platforms to buy popular gift cards with pretty much any cryptocurrency. 

AT&T is the largest telecommunications company in the world and also the largest mobile service and fixed telephone service provider in the U.S. Within its website you can buy just about any telecommunications product and/or service. It is also the first major U.S. mobile carrier that provides users with a cryptocurrency payment option.



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