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Top Websites to Watch Free Movies Online

Are you also one of that category of people that won’t love watching movies at the cinema? Yes, there are many reasons people won’t go to the cinemas. However, the biggest reason nowadays is the Corona pandemic, which made everyone stuck at home. Apart from that, there are other reasons, there might be people who won’t even have money to go to the cinema or they don’t want to waste their savings. Many people get irritated standing in the line of cinema ticketing or sitting on a single chair for a good long 3 hours or more. So the internet had made it a blessing for such people, by providing movies at the ease of their home. When you search for movies on the internet, you might come across a hundred websites, but many among them will either be charging you a great amount of money or others wouldn’t be too safe for you to use on your device.

So here you will find a good list of websites that are providing entertainment for you at your home, without any charges. Some of them may even allow you to download those movies for free.


To facilitate its users with advertisement free download, Soap2day has associated with several libraries and universities. Soap2day works as a local library, where if you desire to watch free movies, you can borrow from Soap2day. To use this platform on your mobile, tablet, TV, or browser, you simply need to sign up on Soap2day by entering your name, email address, and library card number. 

When you are signed in, you will see the number of credits you have this month, on the top right corner. The credit defines the number of movies you have borrowed every month. Most of you can borrow only 5 movies each month. But those movies are totally advertisement free and some are available to download too. The kid’s section has a great library of kids related videos and movies, and all of them are available every time without any limit of timing. Soap2day does not only provide free movies, it also caters to the users with documentaries on art, culture, science, business, education, health, and environment, etc. every movie or video comes along with many features. You can see the additional information, related titles, and reviews from other users, so you can filter the movie according to your choice.

This website is available as an android application on iOS, android, amazon fire devices, smart TVs, Roku, and Chromecast. Even if you don’t have any of this device, you can watch Soap2day on your TV by connecting an HDMI cable from a computer. So start watching a great variety of movies, documentaries, and educational films on Soap2day without any advertisements.


A very famous entertainment and media provider to public libraries, Fmovies is a digital service owned by midwest tape. Content on this website is gathered from more than 1500 libraries that include digital videos such as TV shows and movies, audiobooks, Ebooks, documentaries and music, etc. Fmovies provides major genres such as action and adventure, sci-fi, thriller, documentaries, romance, family, and comedy. Fmovies is quite similar to Soap2day, working as a public library. 

You can sign in to the Fmovies account for free to start borrowing things. Logging in will enable you to see featured titles, what you have recently borrowed, and suggestions based on your previously borrowed videos. You can use the search bar to find titles of your choice. Here you will find reviews of other Fmovies users too when you select any video to watch. 

To start watching anything, click on borrow. Tapping it will notify you about the number of days you have before the video will be returned automatically. It will let you know if the specific movie is for only online streaming or you can download that too. Every movie comes along with subtitles too. And all the videos you have borrowed can be watched anytime within the due date without any annoying advertisements interruption. The borrowed films are free of cost. You can steam Fmovies on any browser, Amazon fire Tv, Chromecast, Roku device, or apple/android device.


Crackle is owned by Sony picture television and chicken soup for soul entertainment. Crackle gets its content from Tv shows and movies from other companies and provides a streaming service. It shows its original content too.

There is a wide variety of genres available on Crackle, you find Movies and shows from any ers, either too old or recently released. Everyone can find anything according to their mood on Crackle, whether you are looking for star-studded favorites, or comedy shows, or classic movies. Some famous movies with famous stars listed on the platform include The rock, John Travolta, Chase Elliot, Gene wilder, Steve Carell, and Ashton Kutcher. Crackle is a free to use entertainment network that can be streamed through any browser, apple and android devices, Amazon Fire Tv, Chromecast, and Roku device.

You are not obliged to make an account on Crackle to start streaming, however, if you want to save any movie to watch later, you should make a free account here. 


To watch comedy, chills and thrills, action and adventure, romance, sci-fi, drama, or documentary you can logon to IMDb TV. IMDb TV is another streaming platform that is advertisement free. It is owned by Amazon. You can browse your desired videos for free on the IMDb app, IMDb website, amazon fire tv device, and amazon prime video app. To start watching free movies, login to IMDb Tv for free. This platform has content including celebrities and hit movies along with some new movies with hidden gems struggling in their field. Using the X-ray feature you can see interesting facts about the desired video while streaming. The movies are merged according to their categories eg you’ll find recently released movies under the title of recently added. You will find Shrek, Eat pray love and sea biscuits, and many in the recently added section. However, none of the videos are available for downloading or to watch later. You can adjust closed captions, video quality, audio, and screen size on the other side of the screen. However, you might need to see some advertisements while you sit and watch your favorite movie.



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