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Toyota to launch its mass-market EV cars in USA this year

As all the other automaker companies have decided to launch their own electric vehicle versions, Toyota has announced its all-electric vehicle launch in the U.S. 

Toyota announced the news that it would launch in the U.S by 2021. However, no specific statement has been received as to “when will the launch happen.” 

The arrival includes the launch of two battery-electric vehicles and a plug-in hybrid model stated by Toyota North America. The automaker company expects to raise the production of electric vehicles in America to around forty percent, following which, their goal is to increase the sale by seventy percent by 2030. 

Talking about the models that have been chosen for launch, Toyota has not announced anything regarding this. However, we definitely know that one of the vehicles launches in America is the battery-electric run SUV.  The battery-electric SUV is all set to launch in Europe by December, as promised by the company. The launch is the result of a collaboration with Subaru in which a model was presented. However, no specifications were given about the model, but one thing was definite that the next launch would be an electric-battery run sedan. The company is still not ready to discuss the new EV and PHEV models publically. A very dedicated EV platform is being developed by the company, which is called e-TNGA. This would enable the features for multiple drive configuration. 

Toyota U.S. electrified vehicles presentation  -  February 2021

After the launch of RAV-4 and Prius Prime, Toyota has lined up the launch of a third model of a plug-in hybrid set to release in 2021. 

The company also stated that, no matter what the model is, both battery-electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids have the same eco-friendly benefits. 

However, the CEO of Toyota, Akio Toyoda, said that the rising demand for electric vehicles would result in a large amount of carbon emission in Japan while and upon its production. The company also stated that the models would be designed to enable the customers to choose between the models that best suit them. 

Toyota EV cars

Hence, as all the automakers are set to launch their own version of electric-battery vehicles and some plug-in hybrid models, we could all sit back and wait for them to establish and be a part of this venture altogether.



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