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Trace Network Labs Continues to Blur the Lines Between the Metaverse and the Real World with Luxury Brand NFTs

The line between the metaverse and the real world continues to blur. A lot of the blurring of that line is thanks to Trace Network Labs.

The company is continuing to enable a sense of unique style for users in the metaverse—this time through a partnership with popular Italian brand 883 Police.

Trace Network Labs is going to launch the 883 Police collection on its own NFT marketplace platform, Bling. Owners of the NFTs will be able to give their metaverse avatars a sense of style through digital wearables emblematic of the real-world apparel 883 Police is known for.

Given the parallel between the digital collectibles and the real-world fashion items the company creates, it only makes sense that the limited edition NFTs will not only allow collectors to sport new clothing in the digital world. They will have the opportunity to receive the physical items as well.

This means people can be who they are and have their sense of style as a true extension of their personalities, whether they’re playing online or out and about in the real world.

Trace Network Expanding Its Digital Impact

The announcement from Trace Network Labs marks another milestone reached for the company just weeks after announcing that the organization is launching similar NFTs with a Vietnamese beer brewing company called 7 Bridges Brewing Company.

Imagine an avatar in the metaverse at a bar sporting a beer, an 883 Police jacket and Nike shoes, all of which are connected to real-world products and limited edition NFTs that trade for real-world value on Bling.

It seems like that’s exactly what the organization is trying to do. Create a synergy between brands that lets users build out an entire lifestyle in a virtual world that reflects who they really are and what they truly value.

Digitizing Lifestyle Brands Reaches Target Consumers and Builds Legacy

Blockchain technology is redistributing wealth and putting it back into the hands of the individual in ways most crypto enthusiasts never even imagined just five years ago. First, it was Bitcoin allowing anyone to transact from peer-to-peer without a bank or government. 

Then it was Ethereum coming along and allowing developers to create applications without having to play ball with big tech companies. 

Now, it’s gamers and digital world developers playing-to-earn, renting out virtual real estate and building entire online identities that they can live through vicariously and profit from.

As young people continue to put more and more of their identities online while placing increased importance on their digital social status, the brands they are associated with will be able to continue building their brand awareness and long-term legacies outside the bounds of the physical world.

Seetharaman Kannan, CEO of 883 Police India recognizes the playful but important opportunity to extend the reach of the popular denim and activewear company:

“We are delighted to partner with Trace Network Labs to bring forth a revolutionary phase of digital fashion with 883 Police branded NFTs. We are confident that with the 883 Police brand’s legacy of many years we can bring in extraordinarily quirky digital fashion that can be transacted as NFTs and also worn by users of a metaverse.”

As Trace Network Labs continues to carve out its position as an industry leader in the luxury brand NFT sector, more and more of these projects will undoubtedly gain popularity and see active trading volume on its Bling platform.

With the launch of 883 Police NFTs, both companies have the chance to ingrain themselves in popular culture in a way that not even the most astute crypto enthusiasts would’ve imagined just a few years ago.




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