Super Bowl just dropped their collection of advertisements with a star-studded cast and creative plots. These ads are like the usual ads that you get to see on your daily television. They are fun to watch with a pinch of sarcasm to them that makes them more approachable. Every ad is made up of millions of dollars and it is all worth it. However, this commercial culture was not started with the same intention. The popularisation of football among Americans has made this possible. Now it is more about the ads that are being played than the game. One of the most popular ads in the 2022 collection is on Turbotax.

The ad features Peyton Manning, Jimmy Butler, Nneka Ogwumike, Alex Morgan along with Jason Sudeikis and who ignores Jason Sudeikis. So here’s the ad that caught so much attention.

The ad simply tells its audience that no matter who you are and what your business is, the Turbotax can handle your tax. It is about “matchmaking” with your tax expert that will be provided by the Turbotax. Finding the right match can be a rather hard job but with Turbotax finding the right tax expert who is the perfect match won’t be a problem. As the caption reads “No matter who you are, what state you work in, how you invest, or when your next celebrity cameo will be, there is a TurboTax Live expert who is just right for you.” The ad successfully gives justice to the company’s goal in just 45 seconds.