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Tweet mocking NFTs gets sold for $5k as an NFT

NFTs are a very controversial topic when it comes to the question of whether they have value? Well, recently, a tweet mocking NFTs saying that they have little value got sold for $5,000 itself. Now that is the best part of NFTs, anything can be turned into one, and a tweet mocking NFTs has been made into a joke. But some don’t understand this and criticize NFTs as much as they can. And one such person is Lauren Walker, who has recently taken to Twitter to express her distaste for NFTs.

Lauren’s statements on Twitter

Lauren recently tweeted, saying that she has over $8 trillion worth of NFT collection as she has saved them by right-clicking and saving the images on her drive. This ignores the entire logic of NFTs and what makes them special. Lauren doesn’t take into account the technology behind non-fungible tokens and what gives people ownership of them. She was criticized over her statement on Twitter, but she outrightly rejected anything the NFT community said to her.

Tweet mocking NFT's

Funnily two NFT users minted a screenshot of the tweet naming it “have fun staying poor”, and one of them sold it for 1.5 ETH, which roughly equated to $5000. One of them is still unsold, so if you want to get your hands on one, you still have the chance. All this is nothing compared to the sarcastic comment passed by Sergey Pshenichkin on Lauren’s illogical statement. He said that saving images and claiming ownership of them is like stealing the Mona Lisa by clicking a photo of it.

Lauren’s statement also undermines the fact that a Youtuber recently exchanged his Tesla Roadster for an NFT of a porcupine. Now according to Lauren’s logic, he just sold it for free. But in reality, there is a good chance that the YouTuber will make a lot more money in the future by selling the NFTs.

What are your thoughts on the Tweet mocking NFTs getting sold for $5000? And do you find any logic in Lauren Walker’s tweets? Let us know in the comments below. Also, if you found our content informative, do like and share it with your friends.

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