IT Ministry of India hits back at Twitter India in internal reports
IT Ministry of India hits back at Twitter India in internal reports

Twitter in labour crisis? Employees leaving voluntarily

According to media reports, Twitter is facing an employee crisis as a large number of workers are leaving the social networking giant. Nearly a dozen employees have reportedly left the company in the last few weeks.

With 229 million magnetizable daily active users, Twitter, based in San Francisco, is one of the largest social networking, and social media companies in the world.

The ongoing legal battle with Tesla CEO Elon Musk is cited as the main reason for employees to lead the social media giant.

According to a former employee of Twitter, the workers and officers in the company have lost respect for the top management of Twitter, including the Chief Executive Officer, Parag Aggrawal.

Twitter has earlier filed a lawsuit against SpaceX founder Elon Musk to enforce an acquisition deal in which Elon Musk would purchase shares of Twitter and make the company a Private entity.

As the legal battle is moving forward, Twitter has been facing immense public scrutiny over the last 2 months.

Apprehensions regarding future lay-offs, cost-cutting and, the resignation of various top-ranking officers and executives, are also stated as reason for employees to resign and leave the company voluntarily.

Employees told the Insider that the majority of workers feel top management has been doing a poor job in handling the issue with Elon Musk. The general morale of employees is also very low, as the explanations from the company on the Elon Musk issue have not been well received within the workforce.

A Twitter spokesperson said in a statement that the attrition rate in the company is still in line with the current industrial trends. The spokesperson admitted that the rate of attrition was higher than best practice for normal economic trends.

Some Twitter employees have even started sharing their experiences on social media, which is very rare.

Kristian Lum, who claims to be a researcher of machine learning at Twitter and statistician, wrote on Twitter, “Does anyone else feel like the number of employees leaving Twitter (as measured by “it’s my last day at Twitter” tweets) is absurdly high? Please stay?? It’s sad to see so many people go!”

The whole idea of acquisition which was floated by Elon Musk himself during the early months of this year witnessed various ups and down. The Twitter board which first showed heavy resistance and distaste with a 43 billion dollar offer from Musk later due to pressure from shareholders agreed to close the deal for 44 billion dollars. Things started to go south immediately as Elon Musk began asking Twitter for data regarding spam and bots on the account.