Twitter managers asked to find best employees in office, later promoted them to managers & fired the earlier managers
According to sources, at least 50 former top executives were dismissed in this manner.

Elon, the head of Twitter, was criticised on Thursday for supposedly asking senior executives to suggest their best workers for promotion, then discharging the former and substituting individuals with the latter as an aspect of a “cost-cutting drive.” Since acquiring the firm in October last year, Musk has let go over three-fourths of its 8,000-person workforce.

The publication quoted a former staffer as saying, “Managers were recently told to provide a list of people who ought to be promoted… little did they realise they were signing their own death warrant: many of those managers were subsequently fired and replaced by those they’d recommended, as part of a cost-cutting drive.”

According to sources, at least 50 former top executives were dismissed in this manner; Hindustan Times is unable to independently verify the number, but this is allegedly after Elon declared he was “done” with reductions.

Esther Crawford, a top executive who was seen sleeping on the floor at the company’s offices in solidarity with the demands made on her employees, was apparently among those dismissed in this way.

Twitter CEO Elon Musk. Source: The Hans India

Musk’s subsequent deceptive action has attracted criticism; one Twitter user mentioned that Musk could not “fire (his) way out of $44 billion of debt,” another referred to Musk as “the world’s biggest baby,” and a third stated that it was “clear the goal is the dissolution of Twitter” as a consequence of Musk’s decisions.

After Musk paid $44 billion to buy Twitter last year, he let go of nearly 6,000 workers and left many of the remaining ones anticipating a similar fate. Many of those who are still present (for the time being), according to the iNews story, may want to depart as well but are unable to do so because their work visas are tied to employment.

The report also alleged employees were being given unrealistic goals. “Staff are expected to make unrealistic numbers of changes to key features on the platform in next-to-no time, all while lacking the support of colleagues who just a few months ago had been on the platform,” it said.

Workers who have been dismissed have voiced their displeasure on social networks, and a few have even criticised Elon on his own platform. Haraldur Thorleifsson was shut out of his laptop for nine days before even being compelled to face the billionaire online this week, irrespective of whether or not he had been fired.

Thorleifsson’s reply came after a strange Twitter conversation with Musk, who questioned his job, his condition, and his need for accommodations. Thorleifsson suffers from muscular dystrophy and needs a wheelchair.

Thorleifsson, according to Musk, was “rich” and had only challenged him in public “to get a big payout,” he added. Thorleifsson stated that during the argument, he was dismissed.