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Uber drivers renting Tesla cars give positive response
Many shared their interest in buying a Tesla car

Last year, Uber announced its partnership with Hertz to enable Uber drivers to rent out Tesla cars. Around 50,000 cars to be made available for drivers in the US by 2023. A survey was conducted among the 15,000 Uber drivers who have tried out Tesla cars so far. An extremely positive response was given by drivers.

15,000 Tesla vehicles are already in the hands of Uber drivers through  Hertz deal

Image credits- Electrek

These vehicles are currently available for rent in 30+ cities in the US, including Houston, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, and Miami. Uber drivers will be able to rent Tesla cars in these locations. The impact had been no joke for drivers. While the environmental benefits are a given. The vehicle reduces the gas consumption for the drivers as well. Uber SVP of Mobility and Business Operations Andrew Macdonald said that drivers who participated in the survey have completed 5 million fully electric trips. It leads to around 40 million electric miles.

The transition is a positive impact on the automobiles used on roads. Carbon emissions reduction is much higher because of the change. A driver in Boston, Manuel Barros talked about his 31 years of experience. He has driven with Uber for eight years now and says that Tesla is his favorite among all the vehicles he used so far. Barros said, “When I had a gas car, I would spend $25-30 dollars a day (on gasoline). I’m saving almost $160 a week, if not more, driving an electric vehicle. I’ve been behind the wheel for 31 years, and I’ve had so many cars. I would rather drive this than any other car,”

Other experiences

Another driver from Los Angeles, Shanita Murray shared her experience. She has been with Uber since 2016 and notes that apart from her trips helping the environment, there is much more. Her riders generally love the car that she drives as well. And when riders like the service they are provided, they could earn more.

“If I’m putting thousands of miles into the world, I figured a green car would be a better move because it’s helping the environment. When I provide excellent service, I’m gonna get tips,” Murray said.

Uber noted that about 95% of drivers renting a Tesla through its Hertz partnership are driving an EV on the platform for the first time. An impressive 92% of these drivers have noted that they are now considering buying their own electric cars. Raphael Veira of Los Angeles is one of these drivers. After trying out Teslas by driving for Uber, he now would like to get his own Tesla in the future.



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