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New Delhi will not see UberAuto services; company finally calling it off


9122015Uber9 December, 2015, New Delhi: Recently launched UberAuto Services has shut down its services in New Delhi. However, the sources have revealed that company has temporarily closed its operations and after resolving few issues it will relaunch the modified service.

Speaking to media, Uber spokesperson revealed that there were few flaws in the service and the company is working on to resolve the issues. Once the issues are resolved, it will restart its operations.

UberAuto was launched in April 2015 but just after the seven months company has decided to pull it back. Earlier, Uber has also revealed about the tremendous feedback from its customers but despite of that, the company has shut down its services. On the other hand, its competitor, Ola has acquired almost 70,000 autos across the cities such as Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune, Ahmedabad etc.



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