‘Undo Tweet’ could be a thing very soon, confirms Twitter

Source: Twitter Help Center

Twitter has become the home of controversies lately and not just in the United States but other countries like India as well. The platform is really having a hard time to balance between political decisions and freedom of speech for citizens. There is not much the platform can do when the public demands right to speech and the government asks for 100% compliance with its orders. However, there are steps that the platform is willing to take in order to maintain this balance.

Recently, Twitter has reportedly confirmed that it is adding an ‘Undo Tweet’ button to the platform which will allow users to take back what they have published. This feature can be used for multiple purposes in multiple situations but it may not be free of cost. There have been reports from trusted sources that in order for users to use this feature, they will have to pay. As mentioned in a report by The Verge, Jane Manchun Wong- app researcher has reported that there has been witnessed a subscription screen tagged along with the ‘Undo Tweet’ feature.

The report further mentions that the ability to undo posted Tweets is not less than a superpower considering the controversy that revolves around the popular platform. A survey has also reportedly popped up on the screens asking users about the features they would like to pay for.

CNET officially reported that Twitter has confirmed that it is testing the ‘Undo Tweet’ feature on its platform.

There is however a sensible reason as to why Twitter may be reserving the saviour feature only for subscription-based users. Anyhow, it is not fully correct to assume that this feature will only be available for paid twitter users and not general users. The platform has not made any statement about the same and the decision is yet to be taken, according to The Verge.

Twitter is also taking major decisions for its offensive tweet warnings considering the on-going controversies. Users can perhaps keep themselves out of trouble with this feature. This is not an edit feature though, it is speculated that this feature should pop out if the tweet crosses the offensive tweet warning, which will apparently give a user some time to actually re-think and re-consider.

Do you think this feature will solve the challenging problem of offensive tweets on the platform? Do you think this feature will help create a calmer atmosphere on the platform? It is probably very early to comment on this, but let us know in the comments down below, what are your thoughts?