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US judge in Google case asks for more information on attorney-client privilege


Judge seeks more information in Google case regarding attorney client privilege
Source: FX Empire

On Tuesday, April 12, the federal judge particularly looking over the US Justice Department’s antitrust lawsuit against Google demanded more essential materials. The judge asked for more information prior to determining if he would allow the company to carry out unsolicited actions. This referred to the search and advertising organisation to allegedly abuse attorney client privilege.

The department demanded for the concerned sanctions mainly basing it on the search company’s programme requiring workers to add a lawyer to several emails. This was Google’s ‘Communicate with Care’ programme requiring such a step from the employees of the company. The government stated that at times, it was like a ‘game’ to protect communications that ought not to have been secured.

The concerned judge was Amit Mehta who expressed the requirement for further materials regarding the case. Last week, he mentioned that he was not exactly assured that he possessed the liberty to sanction an organisation for actions taken prior to the filing of the lawsuit. On April 12, Mehta enquired of the government and the search giant to point out any cases that would thus, reinforce their arguments for or against the sanction. The search giant, Alphabet’s Google, had clearly opposed the sanction. Additionally, the judge ordered the company to produce a random sample of 210 from 21,000 mails for review.

“Upon completing its review, the court will determine whether an order compelling disclosure of the full set of the disputed emails or some other course of action is appropriate,” Mehta said in his order.

Mehta presented the order while requesting additional documents from the search company. He stated after the completion of the review, the court would decide which course would be appropriate for the action. Specifically, whether an order forcing revelation of the entire set of the concerned emails, or another course of action relevant to the concerned situation.

Crucially, the Justice Department went ahead with the filing of lawsuit against the search giant in the year 2020. it accused Google of taking part in the violation of antitrust law in its managing of its business in the search industry. The trial of this particular is set for September in the year 2023, around seventeen months from now on.

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