US Lawmakers question Bitcoin mining firms over energy usage

US Lawmakers question Bitcoin mining firms over energy usage

US Lawmakers question Bitcoin mining firms due to the high energy usage involved in the same. They have sent letters to the top Bitcoin mining firms in the country. The letter said that the high energy usage and carbon footprint that Bitcoin mining involves could undermine their efforts to tackle the climate crisis. Then there is also the fact that Bitcoin mining often results in electric rate price hikes, which affect the local residents.

Elizabeth Warren wants answers

US Senator Elizabeth Warren was one of the lawmakers that sent letters to the mining firms in the US. She has never been in favor of crypto or mining, and this also shows in the latest step. The letter that she sent out to the mining companies asked several important questions. They were the electricity consumption of these companies, the impact of their usage on consumers (in terms of cost), scaling plans, and agreements with electricity providers. All these details are needed by the authorities.

US Lawmakers question Bitcoin mining firms over energy usage
Image Source: CNBC

The mining firms that got this letter were Marathon Digital holdings, Stronghold Digital mining, Bitdeer, Bitfury Group, Riot Blockchain, and Bit Digital. All of them are pretty large and do have significant energy consumption. In fact, the consumption only increases with time and has more than tripled since 2019. The entire industry consumes more energy than many states as well.

What’s next?

The US has become the largest Bitcoin mining country after the China ban happened. And the recent developments could affect the same. If Senator Warren takes some drastic steps for miners, then they will again have to find a new home. It’s being seen that the US states are welcoming mining and crypto, but the center is far from even considering it. This is even though the entire mining network contributes to only 0.08% of the entire carbon emissions globally. And miners have already moved 46% of the network to renewable energy resources.

So, if the US bans of limits Bitcoin mining, it will be against the chance of having a fair, decentralized monetary system. Now it’s difficult to say whether authorities already know that, and it is their way of stopping it. Or they are still far away from the facts.

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