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Now use crypto in day-to-day lives with Bakkt Debit card

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With the increase in the popularity of cryptocurrency across the world, crypto investors are also investing more and more in digital assets and, at the same time, looking for ways to use their digital assets in their day-to-day expenses. Following the need of the crypto enthusiasts, the crypto branch of Intercontinental Exchange announced the New Debit Card called Bakkt Card, which enabled the real-world spending of digital assets. This is good news for the crypto geeks as now it becomes easy to invest in bitcoin and spend it with no transaction fees.

Bakkt card works just like any other Visa Debit card, which allows you to use the bitcoin balance in your account while purchasing the everyday good or services, whether in physical stores and even online. Moreover, it is straightforward to apply for the New Bakkt Visa Debit Card, especially if you are a Bakkt customer; one can do it easily by the Bakkt app, and once they get the approval, the user can easily leverage their digital assets for their daily expenses.

Bakkt is one of the leading financial services companies, introduced in 2018, as it serves the customer with the best choices to invest and utilize their digital assets. The Bakkt app recently announced a new feature where customers can easily transfer bitcoins, cash, and gift cards to those not Bakkt customers.
The best part of being a Bakkt customer is saving the transaction fee charged for the bitcoin transaction.

The new Bakkt Card is officially issued by the Sutton Bank, which is licensed from Visa for the same. This is not the first time that a crypto card is launched; this year, many exchanges introduced such debit cards for users, following the need and growth of the crypto industry. With these frequent developments by the financial institution around crypto investment and use, it seems that soon crypto will become as liquid as any other currency. With the launch of the Bakkt card, Gavin Michael, CEO at Bakkt, stated how the Bakkt card would make it very flexible for the users to leverage the digital assets.

“As we continue Bakkt’s journey, our goal first and foremost is to offer more choice for consumers, and the Bakkt Card untethers bitcoin owners from their online-only past into a world with countless options to leverage the digital assets in their day-to-day lives. Imagine a bitcoin user who sees a significant gain. Now, instead of selling and waiting to transfer to a bank, they can simply walk into their favorite store, tap their Bakkt Card and buy that new item they’ve been eyeing. Very soon selected rewards customers will have the same flexibility – leveraging their points to pay for a lunch out with friends or even an impulse purchase,” said Gavin Michael, Bakkt CEO.



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