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Vatican to Start an NFT Gallery
The Vatican is opening an official VR NFT gallery to democratize art.

NFTs seem to be the new hot trend that is here to stay. Many companies have delved in to world of digitisation by investing heavily into blockchains and NFTs. Ever since covid and the ensuing lockdowns, companies have focused more on their digital footprint and their online presence.

The country of Vatican City is a landlocked one completely sandwiched inside the city of Rome, the capital of Italy. The country is mainly known for being the world’s smallest one and also for being the residence of the head of the Catholic Church, the Pope.

Pope artwork

Known for its long spanning and lasting historical significance and the myriad of beautiful artworks that adorns the country, the Vatican’s officials have planned to convert them into NFTs, bringing their history, art, tradition and culture into the digital world.

An NFT or a Non fungible token refers to a non-transferable data unit or digital token that functions like a certificate that is tied to any blockchain. NFTs can be anything from photos, artworks, videos and so on. Each NFT is unique and once you purchase one, there is no other that is identical so you own something that is one of a kind.

Father Phillip Larrey, the Chairman of the Vatican NFT Gallery said that he and his team are excited and can’t wait to collaborate with the Sensorium as they look forward to exploring new avenues to showcase the history, art, and wonders of the Vatican and find ways to democratise them so them people from around the world can truly experience them instead of localising them in just a single place. Anyone irrespective of their wealth or the place they live in can experience the wonders that the Vatican has to offer from the comfort of their own homes.

Spanning just 0.2 miles square, The Vatican is just 13% the size of Central Park of New York City. However, even with its tiny size, the country holds extreme significance and importance to not just the people of the vicinity, but Catholics and Christians from across the world. The country also priceless artworks, paintings and books in the country making it a tourist hub as they welcomed over a million tourists in 2020 in spite of Covid and lockdowns around the world.

With governments putting their money into NFTs and investing into the digital world, it seems like the meta verse and digital realm will take over the real world sooner rather than later.