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It does not matter if you love watching videos, movies, and all forms of picture in motion online or on your computer, you will find them everywhere and it is the primary format of human entertainment. You will find videos on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, websites, and on TV because they are in abundance and we all love watching them. However, watching videos online or, if you are a creator, sharing them on multiple platforms is a headache and it definitely does not come without its problems.

So, the best way to watch videos seamlessly on all of your devices is by using video converters. Videos are usually embedded in different platforms and it is hard to say that one video will run on all of your devices, this is why we use video converters to change the file in multiple formats, allowing you to play any video on your favorite gadgets and devices seamlessly. Other than this, sharing videos on social media and basic video editing must also require you to convert your video format for the best experience. In most cases, one video will not work on different video editing software tools, it needs conversion to the compatible format.

Nevertheless, there are some major disadvantages of using an online video converter and downloader for your videos.

  • Active Internet Connection:

Online video converters and downloaders require an active internet connection. Only if your connection has a reliable internet speed, will these converters do their job efficiently. If your internet connection is sloppy, your video will either not convert/download or will quit the process in the middle and cut off abruptly. Thus, no video conversion is possible without a good, reliable, and fast internet connection.

  • Limited Features:

Online video converters and downloaders usually offer a limited set of features, much less than what offline video converters and downloaders offer. So, it is definitely a disadvantage of using online video converters because users cannot change custom settings to create specific video file formats.

  • Slow Video Conversion:

Video conversion and download will obviously require an active internet connection but it will take a lot of time, I mean- a lot! Even offline video conversions require a lot of time but online video conversion takes even more. However, if you have a slow internet connection, online video converters and downloaders can take up days to finish the job which is practically impossible to witness. The slow video conversion is a massive disadvantage of using online video converters and downloaders.

  • File Size Limitation:

File size limitation is another disadvantage of using an online video converter and downloader. Online video converters usually set a file size limitation for free users that makes video conversion a cumbersome task. However, even if you register for any one of these online video converters, there is an extended file size limit and large-sized video files will again be a problem to convert.

  • Watermark:

Most online video converters and downloaders leave a watermark behind in the final product after conversion which makes it very annoying while sharing a video on social media or watching it on your devices. Everyone wants to give their videos a professional look, be it an original video or a downloaded one, watermarks are annoying. In order to get rid of watermarks, one must buy the full licensed version of the online video converter which is pointless for most users out there.

  • Security:

Security is another big flaw that online video converters possess. Some online video converters tend to pose a threat to your computer in the form of some virus after they are converted and downloaded on your system. In some instances, there have been complaints of a converted and downloaded video corrupting every device that the video has been loaded on. So, one needs to be very careful with the online video converter and downloader that they are using.

Thus, desktop versions of video converters and downloaders are much more powerful and flexible in terms of features and can be used to achieve the highest video quality output possible after conversion. Not to mention the added benefit of having a seamless user experience with minimum to no frustration as compared to using an online video converter.

VideoProc is the best free video converter available in the market in 2021, a free video converter and downloader that makes an ideal choice for you with all its reliability and offered feature set.

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VideoProc: The best video converter + downloader in 2021

VideoProc is a simple yet powerful video converter that comes with added benefits of downloading, recording, and editing features. VideoProc review includes everything that makes the video conversion tool better than any other online video converter available in the market.

VideoProc is a one-stop video processing software that is also the only available video converter to use GPU accelerated video processing that makes the entire process about 47x faster. The software has no limitations as opposed to the top online video converters and downloaders. It has more powerful features and most importantly, is a free video converter. VideoProc even works on DVD and audio files along with video formats and thanks to its accelerated GPU speeds, it is skilled at processing high resolution 4K and 8K videos without any signs of freezing or lagging. So, convert 4K large videos easily for free, download VideoProc, today!

VideoProc: Features

1. Support for 1000+ Video Audio Sites:

VideoProc is an MP4 video converter that supports almost all video and audio formats for conversion. The tool includes 370+ codes as inputs and offers support for 4K/8K/3D/HD/VR videos. So, with VideoProc, you can download YouTube video in MP4, 4K 8K, and all other video formats of your choice and convert them into any desirable format according to your preference.

Convert videos and audio files to 420+ formats including H264 to H265, MP4, FLV, MKV, and many more in just a few simple clicks.

2. Process HD/4K HDR video from iPhone, DJI, GoPro, etc.:

VideoProc is specialized to support any videos shot using an iPhone, Android smartphone, GoPro, DSLR, DJI, or any other 4K cameras. The video converter also supports batch conversion, upscale video from HD to 4K, or downscale from 4K to HD with the fast conversion rates and processing speeds, better than any other online video converter available in the market.

3. Advanced editing tools:

VideoProc offers advanced editing tools, no matter if you are a beginner or a professional, this video conversion tool has got you covered. The 4K video editor embedded within the software tool allows you to edit your videos even in 4K HDR. You can stabilize videos, fix fisheye, remove noise, make GIF, add/remove watermark, create M3U8 for HTTP streaming, make MKV with no coding necessary and adjust playback speed, control volume and have an overall enhanced video conversion experience with VideoProc.

4. Fully GPU Accelerated video conversion:

VideoProc is the only video converter available with fast video processing that peaks Level-3 Hardware Acceleration. The tool is powered by top GPU brands including AMD, NVIDIA and Intel, delivering efficient playback on 4K/8K video editing, and transcoding your videos without compromising on quality. Check out the complete benefits and feature set of the VideoProc GPU acceleration tool to get started with 47x faster 4K/8K video conversion.

5. Screen Recorder Component:

For gamers, educators, sports lovers, influencers, and content creators, VideoProc offers a go-to screen recorder and webcam recorder software inbuilt. This tool allows you to screen record your gameplays, presentations, Zoom calls, webinars, vlogs, podcasts, online courses, screencasts, live streams, and much more. VideoProc also offers a built-in picture-in-picture functionality that is also capable of recording green screen videos without post-processing. This is another premium feature after GPU acceleration that no other video converters and downloaders offer.

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How to use VideoProc to download and convert 4K large videos?

In order to use VideoProc converter, you will first have to download the software on your desktop computer. Follow the step-by-step guide on how to use VideoProc to download and convert your desired videos.

Step 1: Download VideoProc video converter and downloader on your Windows or Mac devices.

Step 2: Get started with the unregistered VS Full Version. Check out the VideoProc Giveaway License to enjoy all VideoProc features for free.

Step 3: Register and Activate your license.

Step 4: Download videos/music/playlists/channels etc. from anywhere on the internet.

Step 5: Convert DVD to other formats, Backup DVD or Edit DVD Content using VideoProc video conversion tools.


VideoProc is the only fully GPU accelerated video converting, downloading, and editing software available in the market in 2021. It offers the fastest video conversion and downloading rates, up to 47x real-time faster processing speeds. There are no limitations in the software, offers more powerful video conversion and editing features than any other online video converter and downloader available in the market. Most of all, you can get this software for free using VideoProc License Code Giveaway.

Use VideoProc to download and convert 4K/8K/HD videos quickly with just a few simple steps. Download, today!