bags USD 71 million to expand its AI capabilities
Source: Business Wire is a San Francisco-based health and technology start-up that helps physicians to identify the anomalies in brain scans by leveraging the power of Machine Learning. Recently, the company has recently announced to Wednesday that it has raised funds worth USD 71 million in its latest funding round to further expand its Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning capabilities when it comes to diagnosing strokes and brain anomalies.

According to multiple confirmed reports, the funding round was led by Scale Venture Partners and Insight Partners with participation from existing investors including Innovation Endeavors, Kleiner Perkins, Charles River Ventures (CRV), Greenoaks Capital Partners and SOSA Ventures.

When asked about the latest infusion of funds, the company mentions utilizing the funding to expand and enhance its efforts to bring together the power of Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Mobile Technology in order to prevent care breakdowns. As mentioned in a report by No Camels, the company also aims to improve and further enhance its patient outcomes and overall experience. Other than this, the company also aims to improve its economics across the entire health and technology chain in the United States of America and in Europe.

Founded back in the year 2016 by Chris Mansi, David Golan and Manoj Ramachandran, leverages deep learning technologies and Artificial Intelligence to communicate time-sensitive information about brain anomalies and stroke-related issues in patients to a specialist or a professional physician who can treat the notified issue. As mentioned in the company profile on Crunchbase, uses deep learning algorithms to identify and notify any type of issue including large vessel occlusion or a particularly disabling stroke in human beings. These mentioned algorithms scan the complete CT Scan of the patient and alerts the stroke team professional doctor within minutes.

As mentioned in a report by No Camels, the company mentions accelerating its expansion of Intelligent Care Coordination Artificial Platform beyond just identifying different types of strokes to other relevant niches of acute personalized care such as trauma, cardiology and pulmonary issues into newer international markets.

Nikhil Sachdev, Managing Director, Insight Partners mentioned in a statement that the company has evidently taken an innovative approach to transforming the healthcare industries’ biggest challenges by using intuitive technology that aims to help patients who are in acute care.

Chris Mansi, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer mentioned in a statement saying that the company’s latest funding round validates its potential in and beyond stroke care coordination.