Volkswagen AG Elli charging network now operating 400,000 charging points in Europe

Volkswagen AG and Elli operate 400K charging points in Europe

Volkswagen AG and its charging energy brand Elli, together build the largest charging network in Europe with 800 providers for 27 countries. The company is operating 400,000 charging points in Europe. Over the last 18 months, the EV charging network doubled in size by adding about 200,000 new charging points.

Volkswagen AG Elli charging network now operating 400,000 charging points in Europe
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Elli most recently expanded its network in western and northern Europe by adding the Swedish energy company Vattenfall and the Dutch fast-charging specialist Fastned. In the process of expansion, Elli has entered into a large number of alliances and partnerships, including ones with such energy suppliers as Enel and Iberdrola, the petroleum group BP and the joint venture IONITY. The aim of this work is to provide drivers of electric vehicles with a tightly knit international charging network that is easily accessible.

Most recently, Elli added about 24,000 Vattenfall stations in Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, and Sweden along with 1,000 high-power charging points (HPC) operated by Fastned in the Netherlands, Germany, Great Britain, Belgium, France, and Switzerland. A few months earlier, the network was massively expanded in Great Britain with the addition of 6,800 charging stations managed by BP Pulse.

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The CEO of Elli and Senior Vice President of Charging & Energy at Volkswagen AG, Elke Temme talked about the changes. Temme told, “The key to everyday electric mobility is easy charging without any range anxiety. We have taken a huge step closer to our vision by offering 400,000 charging points in Europe. In line with our NEW AUTO strategy, we now offer the largest ecosystem for drivers of electric vehicles in Europe and are continuing to press full speed ahead in our work to expand the charging network.

As a mobility service provider, Elli offers its services to the drivers of electric vehicles made by all manufacturers. Customers of Elli and those of the brand’s SEAT, CUPRA, ŠKODA AUTO, and Volkswagen may use the network further on that. The charging service offered by AUDI will be integrated into the portfolio next year.

The Volkswagen Group has made charging and energy a part of its core business in its NEW AUTO strategy. With a workforce of some 250 employees, Elli is the Volkswagen Group brand that offers a wide portfolio of energy and charging solutions in Europe and also acts as a provider of mobile services. Its current range of products includes charging solutions for private customers and companies, from the customers’ own wall boxes and the mobile charging station Flexpole to charging services and innovative and smart green-power rates.