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What is a Bare Metal Server?

A bare metal server provides more benefits than other types of hosting and includes a powerful infrastructure for online businesses. The resources are higher and you can customize the settings through root access. Besides, you don’t have other tenants that might cause network latency or weak points in security. Below you’ll find why this solution is worth the price and how to get the best hosting plan for your needs!

Photo by Brett Sayles

Photo by Brett Sayles

Definition and general characteristics

A bare metal server is a physical computer designed to offer dedicated hosting for a single entity. Unlike shared/VPS plans, the resources are not divided between two or more customers. Instead, you’re the one who gets all of them. This isolation creates a stable environment for companies that process large volumes of data. The term ‘’bare metal’’ is used to differentiate this solution from a virtualized server and modern cloud hosting.

The power of bare metal servers

This is a great hosting alternative for entrepreneurs who’re looking to find an enterprise level of power and reliability. In general, bare metal servers are recommended for high-intensity workloads and database apps. Many software companies use them for testing and launching new products, but this is not the only possibility. Industries such as eCommerce that are based on speed and high availability prefer the same resource allocation.

Security advantages

When you choose bare metal hosting, you don’t have other users that might cause security breaches. Consequently, the chances of getting malware or viruses are much lower. Most providers allow you to customize the account options to add extra layers of protection. For instance, you can include a two-factor authentication or limit the regular permissions. Having an active firewall is also useful to prevent DoS and DDoS attacks. To manage the server make sure you have technical knowledge or experts that can help you deal with most problems.

Get your bare metal server today

If you have a business that needs a dedicated environment and you afford to invest money in hosting, you can select one of the bare metal servers from BlueServers. Order today your plan and you get a powerful processor as well as 32GB RAM starting at just 59$/month.




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