back-end web development?

What is back-end web development?

back-end web development?

The IT industry is a real phenomenon today because its development has been so rapid over the past few decades.

This is evidenced by the constant shortage of programmers who are worth their weight in gold at the moment. There is a constantly growing demand for websites and mobile development services. We spend a lot of our time online, which is why every company wants to have their own place in cyberspace today. For this reason, specialists who are able to create a website or build an application are very much in demand. In this article, we will focus today on what back-end development is and why it is so important.

Who are back-end developers?

Every website or application we use every day consists of a front-end and a back-end. Very few people realize it because the Internet and today’s technology are designed to be as simple and intuitive as possible for users. Information technology is developing at an incredibly fast pace. Just 20-25 years ago the Internet was in its infancy, and today every industry is present in the web uses online technological solutions. That is why 20 years ago the term “computer scientist” described someone who deals with the Internet and computer technology. Then more specific terminology such as programmer and web developer started to be used. Today you can become a front-end developer, back-end developer, or a a full-stack developer. Each of these specialists knows very well how to build websites or apps, but the difference between them is that the first deals with what the user sees, and the second deals with the backstage and appropriate coding inside the app. The third is a specialist who can make a website or application from scratch to the very end, because he is familiar with both the front-end and the back-end.

 What is back-end?

The back-end, as we mentioned above, is everything that is not visible on the website, and what makes the website or app work properly. The back-end is extremely important because it defines the correct operation of the entire technical background of a given application or website. This can be compared to the laws of physics at work in nature – we cannot see them, but thanks to them everything works as it should. The basic back-end programming languages are:• Java, • Python,• Ruby,• HTML,• CSS,• JavaScript,• PHP. Back-end consists of creating a website or application engine, as well as maintaining the website and database servers. The back-end developer publishes the functionalities he has created, but his role does not end at this stage, because he must constantly observe statistics and reports to quickly react to any problems that arise.

Why is web development so popular today?

We live in a global village where the Internet has blurred the boundaries between people. Today, we can easily shop in a different part of the world, which makes every entrepreneur want to present themselves as best as possible in the web in order to attract as many customers as possible. Therefore, building professional applications or websites is very important today, and web development is an increasingly larger industry each year.