Photo by Point3D Commercial Imaging Ltd.
Photo by Point3D Commercial Imaging Ltd.

What Is the Advantage of Corner Bathtubs?

The goal of a bathroom renovation is to achieve a pleasant atmosphere so that the updated room looks beautiful and functional. If you have limited space, a corner bath can help solve this problem, especially when you have to choose between a bathtub and a shower tray. Installing a corner bathroom can be a versatile solution to this issue, as well as offer additional benefits, which we will tell you more about in our article.

Benefits of Installing a Corner Bathtub

While the typical rectangular bathtub is slightly longer horizontally, a corner bathtub offers more comfort and allows for a relaxing and elegant aesthetic in a fairly small space. On the manufacturer’s website, for example,, you will find many options for corner bathtubs that allow you to fit them into various bathroom designs. By placing this type of bath, you can:

  1. Effectively manage the space, especially if the room has an unusual shape and is narrow or multi-walled.
  2. Free up additional space for moving, drying clothes, and standing at sinks.
  3. Get additional convenience in the form of the possibility of comfortable sitting or placing several people in the bathroom.
  4. Free up useful wall space for other bathroom elements.
  5. Install a shower over the bath and provide additional functionality, for example, if you do not have time to take a bath.

How Conveniently Equip a Room with a Corner Bath?

To get the most out of installing a corner bath, take these design tips into account:

  • Complement the bathroom space with a corner sink: it will visually echo the corner bath and give more freedom of movement.
  • Pair a corner bath with large-format wall tiles for an illusion of space and easier maintenance.
  • Complete the bathroom with a large mirror that will add light and volume to the room.

When choosing a place for a corner bath, keep in mind that this will be the most prominent corner of the room, so use accessories to balance the space.