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What Role Has Social Media Played As A Medium Of Communication?

Photo by Tracy Le Blanc from Pexels

Photo by Tracy Le Blanc from Pexels

Social Media has taken over different sectors, be it business, marketing, education, or any other. Social media has become an important part of people’s lives because of the long-lasting impact that it has had in people’s lives. With the help of social media and the internet, the availability of different resources has become so easier, which were deemed near impossible. Let’s have a look at the role of social media as a medium of communication:

Changed Business Strategy

Through social media, the business has changed for both the customers and retails. Buying anything is just a few taps or clicks away and it could be anything, from buying clothes to buying groceries. Social media and the Internet have provided an alternative way of shopping and business that is easier than the traditional methods of shopping. 

Social media is an important part of digital marketing and through social media, businesses can go beyond demographic and geographic boundaries. You can easily promote any business or product on different social platforms such as Twitter, Chatiw, etc in no time and if you are looking for buying recommendations then those are also available on social media.

Improvement In Education

Education has also been changed with the popularity of social media and there are now dedicated groups and pages available all over the social from which the students can benefit for free. Along with this, social media has provided an easy way by which students can stay in touch with their teachers and contact each other in no time. Students can also contact and chat with each other, along with the option to conduct webinars and promote events and courses.

Online Payments

When we used to talk about online payment then it meant only online banking services, however, that is not the case today. Social media networks like Facebook, WhatsApp, and several others have introduced the option for WhatsApp payments.

Although this option of online payments is not available everywhere in the world but in the US, the feature is now slowly becoming available to all the users and soon it will be available in different countries across the world. 

This integration of payments within a social application allows easy transfer of money to other people in no time, just as you chat with them, you can send them the money. The only challenge that stands between these online payments is security. If the security standards get improved and security is taken care of then this would be another great addition to the apps. 

Online Healthcare

Online healthcare is now also possible through social media that is completely changing the norms of how things work. Through social media, you can hold a digital appointment with a health care expert rather than physically visiting a doctor. You can tell the doctor all about your symptoms and how you are feeling, and depending on your symptoms, the doctor will diagnose your medicine. You can take it to the next level and start a video call with the doctor that will help the doctor to make an accurate diagnosis. 

There is no doubt that this is a useful thing, however, there are certain things that are not in its favor. First, if there is any serious ailment that can be diagnosed only by the way of a blood test or urine test then it won’t be possible.

The chances of non-qualified people posing as doctors are high because people can portray themselves as doctors whereas, in reality, they are just scammers. So, it is difficult to confirm someone’s credibility. If the ailment isn’t very serious then you can use social networks to get the prescription right by sitting in your room instead of visiting the doctor. 

Awareness Through Social Media

Social Media platforms have also introduced people to many humanitarian issues that weren’t really a part of the discussion before. There are now different social organizations that are working on different social platforms, be it Facebook, Twitter, Omegle, or any other to address issues such as animal welfare, child marriage, etc to make people aware of these issues. 

These organizations and activists are allowing people to raise funds for things that matter and raise their voice against injustice and also help people come together for a good cause. 

Civic Awareness

Civic Awareness has also increased with the advent of social media and it has changed how we are governed. Prior to the advent of social media and the internet, the only way by which you can get to know about government news and what’s going on in the country was through mainstream media and government only. However, with the advent of social media and its entry into the digital era, many leaders now consider it important to announce something on social media first instead of mainstream media. 

This is not the case in one country only, leaders and politicians all over the world prefer to use social media to announce something instead of mainstream and traditional media because social media is much faster and it can deliver the news or announcement to a huge number of people from different countries without any geographical restrictions. It has also increased the credibility of the media because the influence of political stakeholders in what information should reach the public has been minimized.



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