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WhatsApp working on tool to transcribe audio into text

WhatsApp is said to be working on a new tool that will transcribe audio into text messages. While there is no official confirmation from the company about the same as yet, the new feature has been spotted by WEBetaInfo to be in the development phase.

Brought to You by Apple

WEBetaInfo claims to have spotted the new tool in the works, and says that it will allow users to directly convert their voice messages to text. The platform also says that for the audio to be transcribed, the same will not be sent to WhatsApp or parent company Facebook, and the service will instead be provided by Apple.

WhatsApp audio text
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Privacy may be improved due to absence of any unique ID attached to the voice message, and Apple will also be working on improving its speech recognition by making use of the same. The tool will be available as an optional feature, with users being required to provide one-sided device permissions to access the same.

Moreover, the feature tracking platform also says that once a voice message is transcribed, users will not have to transcribe it again, since the text message will be stored locally on the WhatsApp database for future reference.

At the same time, it is not clear as yet if the feature will be made official, seeing as how it is still in the development phase, and that too, only on iOS. But WhatsApp might introduce the feature for Android too, if things go well.

Safer Than Ever

This comes as the latest new tool to be rumored to be joining WhatsApp’s arsenal. Just last week, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that the messaging service will be providing end-to-end encryption to users while storing their messages as backup on Google Drive and iCloud. As such, messages are set to become more secure than ever before.

Say Hi to New Bubbles

Moreover, the company has also recently announced that it is redesigning its chat bubbles, which is currently in testing on the platform’s Android app’s beta version The new bubbles are said to be more rounded, a major change from Telegram or iMessage. They also apparently feature a more brighter shade of green than their predecessors.

The company has not yet provided any heads up on when these new bubbles will be available, but one can expect them to be rolled out once multi-device support becomes available to all devices.