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Why Ethereum Will Beat Bitcoin in 2022

Photo by Jievani from Pexels

Photo by Jievani from Pexels

Bitcoin has been around for a while now, and it is not showing any signs of slowing down. However, Ethereum is quickly catching up to Bitcoin’s market cap. One key difference between the two coins that will lead one to beat out the other by 2022 will be their use cases. 

Bitcoin’s use case is more limited than Ethereum’s, which means more people are likely to adopt it because they can do so much with it. This article will go over some reasons why Ethereum will probably beat Bitcoin in 2022.

Let’s look at these reasons.

1. Ethereum is more useful

Bitcoin is the first digital currency, and Ethereum is a “world computer” that people, companies, and governments can use for many purposes. While Bitcoin has been struggling with problems like slow transaction speeds, high power consumption, and volatility of its price (one bitcoin cost more than $19,000 in December 2017), ethereum aims to provide super-fast transactions at lower costs through smart contracts integrated into blockchain technology. 

That makes it much more useful than bitcoins right now. For trading bitcoin, you must consider the right platform like Bitcoin Up. Additionally: New cryptocurrencies are emerging all the time. Still, they will probably never reach the level of popularity achieved by Bitcoins or Ethers because there won’t be enough demand given how big these two have already become in terms of market capitalization.

2. Ethereum is the cryptocurrency of tomorrow

Ethereum is one of the most innovative cryptocurrencies around, and it has a lot more potential than Bitcoin. It’s worth investing in because you’ll probably end up making some money off Ethereum if you buy in now while prices are still low. It takes quite a bit longer to complete blocks on the Blockchain compared with Bitcoins blockchain transaction speed, which means that Ethereum transactions will be slower. 

This could mean that users get less value from their Ether coins as they wait to go through properly.  Ethereum has a much larger capacity than Bitcoin, and Ethereum can process fifteen transactions per second, while Bitcoin can only do three. This is because of how Ethereum’s blockchain is designed- it uses a different algorithm called “proof of stake” instead of proof of work like Bitcoin does.

3. Ethereum is drawing a growing number of developers

One of the main reasons Ethereum will beat Bitcoin in 2022 is because Ethereum is drawing a growing number of developers. These developers are attracted to Ethereum’s more flexible and powerful programming language, Solidity. In contrast, Bitcoin is approaching its capacity limit, which means that transaction times are becoming increasingly slow and expensive.

This makes Ethereum a far more attractive option for businesses and consumers alike. Finally, Ethereum has a much brighter future than Bitcoin due to its many advantages, such as smart contracts, scalability, and security. For all these reasons, it is clear that Ethereum will eventually overtake Bitcoin as the world’s leading cryptocurrency.

The Bottom Line

Ethereum has many advantages over Bitcoin that make it a better choice for long-term use. These include its ability to process transactions faster, its wider range of uses, and the fact that its value is likely to grow much more rapidly in the coming years. For all these reasons, we believe that Ethereum will overtake Bitcoin as the preeminent cryptocurrency by 2022.



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