Why should you use VPN for Crypto trading

The way cryptocurrency trading works is similar to how foreign currency exchanges work. The distinction is that it converts traditional currency to cryptocurrencies and the other way around. The market charges exchange rates, just as traditional institutions.

While all currencies are adequately regulated, cryptocurrency is not regulated. It employs cryptography to validate transactions and is a method of exchange. Some people use crypto mining rigs to process large amounts of data and introduce new coins to the market. They sell them on cryptocurrency exchanges, where others can purchase them in exchange for the currency.

Necessity of a VPN

Not all providers offer specific VPN service capabilities that not all providers offer are required for a secure VPN for crypto. When it comes to achieving the highest levels of privacy and security, this is critical. These characteristics ensure that the user’s connection is secure at all times and in all conditions and the VPN service’s quality.

In most circumstances, trading cryptocurrency via a VPN is legal. Some nations, such as Belarus, consider VPNs illegal, so it’s always a good idea to double-check.

Cryptocurrency trades are unregulated and unsafe. The system is vulnerable to exploitation. A crypto VPN masks your IP address, allowing you to keep your identity and cash safe. By combining your IP address and wallet address, hackers can learn your location and identity.

Geo-blocks-  Some cryptocurrency trading sites, such as Binance, are not available in the United States, while others, such as KuCoin, are unavailable in China. The bottom line is that some of them may be blocked owing to geo-blocking put on the pages themselves. As a result, if you wish to keep your funds in many wallets, a VPN can assist you.

Kill Switch

 A VPN replaces the user’s original IP with one provided by the VPN provider, effectively masking their online identity. If the internet connection to the kill switch is lost, the complete internet connection is lost.

If the VPN server goes down or the user inadvertently disconnects, the user will be disconnected. The kill switch prevents the user’s IP address from being leaked. This can happen because most devices are set to reconnect to the nearest accessible network. When it comes to crypto trading, this is crucial. A leaked IP address can reveal a user’s identity, leading to unintended effects. NordVPN is one such reliable VPN.

Importance of IP and DNS leak prevention

When deploying a VPN for crypto trading, ensure it doesn’t leak any information that could be used to identify the user or their location. When a user’s browsing data (in the form of translation requests) seeps out of the secure VPN tunnel and becomes visible again, this is known as an IP and DNS leak. The IP address and location of the user’s Internet service provider (ISP) become available in the event of a DNS breach. This can be used to find out the location of the user at the time.

Additional Security Features by Crypto VPNs

Onion Over VPN – By routing traffic through an additional route, Onion over VPN improves the user’s privacy. The traffic is also routed across the Tor network rather than only through a VPN server.

Double VPN – This feature encrypts data twice and routes the user’s traffic through two VPN servers instead of just one. The latter is speedier because both Onion over VPN and Double VPN slow down connection speeds.

Obfuscated servers – This feature allows the user to conceal that they are using a VPN. Because some networks, ISPs, and even governments, such as China and Russia, prohibit the use of VPNs, this functionality is intended to circumvent these limitations.

NordVPN is one such VPN that provides all the security mentioned earlier features and P2P. 

Some more features to look out for while choosing a Crypto VPN:-

Servers and connection speeds are to look out for. High speeds and thousands of servers ensure ease of use and accessibility. It is better to use platforms that are supported. It’s critical to make sure your VPN provider is compatible with your preferred device(s) and can support many devices with a single account.

Customer service is required. Chat assistance that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, is essential since it ensures that any questions are promptly answered.

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NordVPN is one of the best crypto VPN services provided by Nord Security. NordPass (password manager), NordLocker (file encryption and storage tool), NordLayer (enterprise VPN), and NordWL are some of Nord Security’s other products (toolkit for building VPN products).

Users may encrypt up to six devices with a single NordVPN account, which is compatible with Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS, Linux, Android TV, and other platforms. Chrome and Firefox browser extensions are also available. NordVPN has developed its own WireGuard-based protocol, NordLynx, which lets customers enjoy WireGuard’s speeds without privacy implications.

NordVPN offers over 5200 servers in 60 countries, ensuring that one can always connect to a fast server. The NordVPN app selects the fastest server in a given country automatically. If one has any problems with NordVPN, they can contact their customer care service at any time. NordVPN is a no-logs service that has been audited twice to ensure that their users’ online activities stay hidden, so users’ activities will be private and devices safe.

Threat Protection is a brand-new feature from NordVPN that adds an extra layer of security and goes beyond VPN protection. Threat Protection aims to make browsing safer by blocking harmful websites, advertisements, and trackers, as well as detecting malware-infected files.

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