Tesla Roadster for an NFT

Would you exchange your Tesla Roadster for an NFT? This youtuber did!

Dan Markham, a YouTuber, has recently exchanged his Tesla Roadster for an NFT. He has 7 million subscribers on his channel, where he posted a video about this. The guy exchanged this blue Tesla Roadster worth nearly $250k for a “positive porcupine”. It was created by the VeeFriends project and Eli Burton, the same artist behind the Starman graphic novel. After the purchase, Dan said that looking back at this point in 1-3 years could look like a big mistake but also turn out to be great.


More about the deal

After the deal, the YouTuber also said that Eli is probably getting the better end of the deal. While Eli posted that he exchanged the porcupine NFT for his dream car. He was initially planning to sell the NFT for over $100k, but after knowing about the Youtuber’s offer, they just did it. It is important to note that in this case, the collectable NFT was exchanged for a collectable car. And in the future, both could be worth a lot more. At least, I am pretty sure that Tesla will be. About the NFT, I am not very sure. If you want to know more about the future of NFTs, check it out.

The NFT was exchanged on the blockchain, and Dan handed out the car’s keys to Burton. He plans to hold on to the NFT for the future and also gain access to the conference for Veefriends token holders. As of now, the porcupine has the highest bid of $56,445, which is pretty less than the car’s value but is expected to increase in the future.

I wouldn’t have exchanged it!

Well, as Dan said, the exchange of Tesla Roadster for an NFT could turn out to be stupid or even a great decision. If I had a Tesla Roadster that is collectable and a masterpiece within itself, I would be happy with what I had. But since I am not a big advocate of NFTs and just don’t find them interesting enough to own, I wouldn’t have bought them.

What are your thoughts on the Youtuber Dan Markham exchanging a Tesla Roadster for an NFT? And if you were in his place, would you have done it? Let us know in the comments below. Also, if you found our content informative, do like and share it with your friends.

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