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Xiaomi unveils Buds 4 Pro featuring 38 hours of battery life, noise cancellation
Xiaomi has finally unveiled its new Buds 4 Pro featuring 38 hours of long lasting battery life, noise cancellation and more

Xiaomi unveils Buds 4 Pro featuring 38 hours of battery life, noise cancellation

Xiaomi unveils Buds 4 Pro featuring 38 hours of battery life, noise cancellation
Image Credits: Anthony

Xiaomi has finally unveiled its new refreshed lineup of earbuds for this year which is the Buds 4 Pro. These new earbuds are the new flagship earbuds coming from Xiaomi.

Although if you are looking for the latest new flagship earbuds then you can have a look at these earbuds, here is everything we know so far:

What do these earbuds feature?

 Xiaomi Buds 4 Pro Features

Xiaomi Buds 4 Pro Features
Image Credits: Xiaomi

Starting with the design language this time Xiaomi has gone up with a capsule sort of design and looks more rounded than compared to its previous generations.

The earbuds look a little brighter in appearance and come with two color options where you get a gold color and also a black color option.

However, with the gold color, you get a brighter and premium feels to it. Matching with the color you will also get a magnetic case that comes with magnetic hardware that can absorb the earbuds into the case and keep it attached to the case to avoid accidental falling.

Now getting to the feature side of the earbuds, here Xiaomi hasn’t given any such compromises on the specification side of the earbuds.

The earbuds will be supporting dynamic noise reduction which is stronger enough to do the noise reduction in the depth of 48dB and width of 4000Hz.

For noise cancellation, there are three different levels of noise cancellation embedded within the earbuds and these new earbuds adjust their levels based on their environment.

Here the earbuds can identify their environment and then adjust the required depth for noise cancellation and also adjust with noise reduction mode for ensuring to provide better comforts for its users.

Adding a little more convenience for the users, Xiaomi has also added six different levels of manual adjustments for noise cancellation.

With manual adjustments, the users will be able to reduce levels of noise cancellation and also check in ear pressure by looking at their usage habits.

This is not the end with features, here you will also get to adjust three stop transparency levels where you get transparency mode, vocal enhancement mode, and also environment enhancement mode too.

Xiaomi has also made sure that their users get better connectivity features for calling purposes as here you will be getting 3 built-in mics which are coupled with a bone voiceprint noise reduction that helps in providing better signal strength to capture calls.

There is more! As we go inside, you will get to see an 11mm bigger coil from which the earbuds get the support for 96khz high definition audio too.

From the battery perspective, Xiaomi promises that its earbuds will be able to provide up to 9 hours of battery backup and with the case, the battery hours can be extended up to 38 hours. The earbuds also get support for faster charging and can be charged from 0 to 100 in just half an hour.

What is its launched pricing?

Getting to the price of Xiaomi Buds 4 Pro. The earbuds have been launched for a price of 1,099 Yuan which roughly translated to $163. However, the starting price is 999 Yuan which translates to $148.



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