Source: Tech Crunch

YouTube ends Lofi Girl’s two-year-long music stream over bogus DMCA warning

Source: Tech Crunch

The video streaming platform YouTube, deceitfully took down the Lofi Girl channel, one of the most famous channels on the platform with around 10.7 million subscribers under the DMCA takedown of YouTube. The hallowed streaming channel has been brought down for the first in the past 2 years.

The YouTube channel was highly admired by the users for listening to soothing but fascinating songs when they are doing some work or engaged in their studies. The subscribers of the channel at times exploited the live chat feature of the channel as an unidentified, ceremonious learning club, advising each other to take intervals and refresh their minds. So the subscribers got tensed after the channel was taken down.

The streaming platform is crowded with hours-long videos of soothing songs, but the kind of music the Lofi Girl channel streamed was different from all. The channel at present shows a notification that this live streaming video is not accessible and a user commented on it that expectantly the channel has not been over yet. He further wrote that this channel was legally the most significant piece of the video streaming platform.

On July 10, the content creator of the channel discussed the abrupt takedown of the channel via a tweet on the official account of the Lofi Girl, mentioning that the channel has been taken down due to a deceitful copyright hit. The admires of the stream spread the hashtag #BringBackLofiGirl across Twitter to grab the consideration of the video streaming platform.

A few of the admirers of the stream reported spam and instigate conflict against the Malaysian music streaming channel that reportedly registered a deceitful copyright grievance against Lofi Girl. Some admirers posted fan arts on Twitter.

This incident has beamed light on a fundamental issue of YouTube. At present, there are several insignificant content creators on YouTube, and the majority of them are involved in this argument, which goes in to be struck every day because of the deceitful allegations on videos as well as live streams, the creator of the channel posted on Twitter.http://

Lofi Girl being an exemplary channel, was able to get an answer from the platform shortly after it posted on Twitter concerning the matter, although the insignificant creators of the platform might face issues in getting an answer if they deal with a much alike situation

However, the positive report is that the highly admired channel would shortly restart on the video streaming platform