Zomato Priority Delivery

Zomato rolls out priority delivery feature for covid-related food deliveries

Zomato Priority Delivery

Zomato, on Wednesday, introduced a priority delivery feature on its app. The newly introduced feature will allow customers to conveniently check out food orders related to covid-19 emergencies. Through this dynamic move, Zomato has opened a good ground for earning the goodwill and trust of the customers, particularly during a time when desperation and fear are part of the deal. Any attempt to ease up the situation a bit will be greatly appreciated by the customers and the company is right on point with this. This will supposedly help in customer retention and earning their trust.

Easing up the Frenzied Pace

Deepinder Goyal, the founder of Zomato announced this brand new delivery feature via Twitter on Wednesday. The feature will be put to effect in association with thousands of Zomato’s restaurant partners around the country.

In the words of Deepinder Goyal,

“Today, along with thousands of our restaurant partners, we just rolled out a “priority delivery for covid emergencies” feature on the Zomato app. This feature will allow our customers to mark—This order is related to a COVID-19 emergency—option during checkout.”

The customers can make use of the option that will instantly alert the restaurant partner. And the delivery will be carried out by the restaurant on a priority basis. In addition to the prioritized delivery of orders, the feature will also provide dedicated customer support.

This particular step by Zomato is appreciable since it takes into concern the current situation of urgency and desperation, backing up the customers during a time when they need support and help.

All these deliveries will ensure and prioritize safety as well. Hence, all these deliveries will be contactless to ensure maximum customer safety. Goyal also urged all other customers to opt for contactless deliveries in the wake of the disruptive second wave of the pandemic.

The pandemic has also resulted in people taking to social media platforms to gather and provide help to those in need. It is noteworthy that some of the citizens are even providing immense help by putting in efforts to prepare food for those who are recovering from the disease.

Goyal expressed his gratitude to the restaurant industry for readily coming together to work for the customers and to serve them in time of need. It was also requested of customers via Zomato’s Twitter handle to not misuse this particular feature and to use it “like an ambulance.”