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Zoom allows you to try weird facial expressions in its new update

The video-conferencing app, which is used by almost all of us, is Zoom. Since the pandemic has changed our way of living, Zoom meetings have witnessed a rise of over 300% in its users. It was originally crafted as a serious and essential meeting application for businesses.

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Why now?

But as it started growing and it continues to, the creators saw an opportunity to cater to the needs of a larger audience rather than just professionals and students. Showing that Zoom had launched a kit of funny expressions and filters allows you to try weird makeup and have a gala time with friends and family through actions.

The feature is called Studio Effects, and its primary function is to entertain the users with its robust features like facial hairs, vivid lip colors, and multi-colored eyebrows. You can try these features during meetings too, but be careful, some sessions like to keep it professional, so choose accordingly.

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The interesting fact is this feature isn’t absolutely new. In fact, Zoom launched this feature nearly 6 months ago, near September 2020. But it is now that the part is being viral. There are chances that you won’t see this update on your phone. That’s because it’s limited to only a few selected users. Yes, it’s still in the Beta version.

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How to use this feature?

If you’re one of the few users who has access to this feature, here’s how you can use it –

  • Open a Zoom meeting.
  • At the bottom of your screen, you will see “Video setting.” It will be located beside “Stop Video.”
  • Now click on the “Background & Filters” and appearance for “Studio Effects.”
  • Now apply whatever effect you desire and Have fun!

From having Groucho Marx eyebrows or goatee to deep purple lips, try whatever you like. It’s a new experience and one worth trying. But as explained before, unless you’re in the company of your close friends, relatives or some special people. Don’t risk using this in professional meetings.


These features also tell you ways in which a company modifies. Transformations and upgrades are essential to remaining relevant. I mean, for an app like Zoom, which is majorly used for educational and professional meeting purposes, these updates are rather unusual and make interacting more funnier for the students, professionals, and other users of the Zoom app. This event also addresses the very fact that one must update themselves regularly to maneuver ahead with time.



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